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Passive Income - Use Canva To Sell Wedding Templates On Etsy

Learn how to create your own digital wedding templates and start a business today! Super simple and easy using Canva.
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How To Use Canva
How To Create A Save The Date Template
How To Create A Wedding Invitation
How To Create A Menu Card
How To Create A RSVP Card
How To Create A Table Number Card
How To Start A Digital Wedding Business
How To Create Mockups For Etsy
How To Earn Passive Income

Welcome All,

I’m Janna, a twenty something Senior Business Analyst by day, creative digital superhero by night with experience in graphic design, digital art, illustration and all things technology. 

The wedding industry is one of the biggest industries, according to research in 2019 it was worth $72 billion globally. Nowadays couples are extremely savvy and want to design, manufacture and produce their own wedding stationary instead of paying hundreds of dollars for this service.

This is where digital wedding templates come in. There is a huge market on Etsy for digital wedding templates such as Save The Date Cards, Menu’s, RSVP cards, Invitations and more, this is a great niche to start a business in today and earn passive income.

In this course we will be using free Canva software to create and share our digital wedding templates to our customers. I suggest you sign up for Canva Pro as it comes with a lot of additional features which are useful for creating a Canva business. 

This course will cover:

- Create A Wedding Invitation Template 

- Create A Double Sided Save The Date Card Template

- Create A Double Sided RSVP Card Template

- Create A Table Number Card Template

- Create A Wedding Menu Template

- How To Share Templates With Customers 

- How To Create Mockups For Etsy Listings 

I hope this course is useful for everyone and you learn a lot about Canva as well as inspiration for starting your own digital wedding stationary business. 

I would love to see what designs everyone comes up with, so please share your projects with me!

Passive Income - Use Canva To Sell Wedding Templates On Etsy
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