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Pass Your Rockschool Guitar Exam With Success, Grade Debut-2

For Rockschool Guitar Grade Debut, Grade 1 & Grade 2 Candidates
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Know the Rockschool guitar exam process inside-out
Interpret examiner questions better
Understand what the examiner is looking for
Create an exam preparation plan
Prepare effectively for Rockschool exams
Learn how to pass Rockschool exam grades
Better understand the Rockschool assessment criteria for guitar
Know what to do if you are get nervous or stuck on part of the exam
Guitar teachers will be able to increase their students success rates
Rockschool Guitar Grade 1
Rockschool Guitar Grade Debut
Rockschool Guitar Grade 2

A complete mini-course with all you need to know in one place to guide you through the whole Rockschool guitar exam process at grades Debut, 1 and 2 - which will help you to understand what the examiners are looking for and how to combat those exam nerves.

It will guide you on how to get the best mark for your ability level and give you a thorough understanding of what your exam experience will be like before you even enter the exam room.

The course covers all aspects of the live exam process including, but not limited to;

  • Songs and free choice pieces - how many pieces to perform and what are the free choice piece requirements at each grade.

  • Assessment criteria - new and updated for 2020, what is required from the exam performance within each section and how you will be graded.

  • Technical exercises - which technical exercises to cover for each grade

  • Unseen tests - the process for the unseen tests and the requirements.

  • General musicianship questions - which questions will be asked at each grade.

As an RSL examiner - I have regular insight to exam process and updates, and I am happy to share this information with you to help you in your Rockschool journey.

I hope that you find this course helpful and it makes a difference to your Rockschool exam experience.

Pass Your Rockschool Guitar Exam With Success, Grade Debut-2
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