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Pass the Real Estate Salesperson Exam

*** Money Back Guarantee *** Ace Your Real Estate Exam and Pursue Real Estate Professionally
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Pass the real estate exam.
Have a thorough understanding of Real Estate for Salespeople.



- Prove to me you have passed a 40 hour pre-licensing course.

- Show me you took the licensing exam within 60 days of purchasing the course and did not pass.

- If you qualify you can message me and i will gladly refund you.

The Course:

This course is designed to guarantee you a passing grade on your real estate licensing exam. I cut out all the information you don't need for the exam and secured the points that are crucial. You will understand the concepts of real estate, prep yourself to pass and think critically in order to put your knowledge to use. This course covers: property ownership, land use controls and regulations, valuation and market analysis, financing, principles of agency, property conditions and disclosures, contracts, transfer of title, practice of real estate, calculations, specialty areas and state laws and rules.

This material is not easy and does take some time to learn. Whether you want to watch the lectures or just take the notes/exam and run, don't rush and cram. Try to absorb the information into your long term memory and thoroughly understand the concepts, don't just memorize. I constructed the exam questions and i can assure you they are quality. With all the attached files i have provided you have more than enough information to be able to overcome this exam with the right preparation. In the end, I'm confident you WILL succeed!

Pass the Real Estate Salesperson Exam
$ 19.99
per course
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