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CMA Exam#2-IN-Depth Review-Costs & Incremental Analysis

Certifed Management Accounting Exam preparation for the Cost Analysis and Incremental analysis
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Students will have an exam strategy in answering multiple choice questions and a proven approach to answering essay questions.
Students will be well practiced at answering past IMA multiple choice questions. There are hundreds of multiple choice question.
Have important concepts summarized as "mind maps" to be printed off and kept as refreshers.
Understand Cost Volume Profit aanalysis
Understand incremental analysis

This course is a comprehensive study program to help you pass the Certified Management Accountants exam. It begins by first understanding how a professional organization such as the Institute of Management Accountants of America sets and marks the exams that lead to the professional designation as a Certified Management Accountant, The exams are offered three times a year - January, June and September.

To be eligible to write the exams, one must have a university degree. It makes the learning process easier if that degree is in business especially accounting. If your degree is not business you are also eligible to write the exam and you can be successful if you work hard, I will do all I can to help you to be a CMA.

There are hundreds of learning outcomes that the IMA publishes that could be tested on the  Part 2 exam. I have turned these learning outcomes into questions that past (successful) CMA candidates have researched the answers to. Their answers are provided but I recommend that you research the answers yourself as that will help you in mastering the content.

Then I use a website called Brainrush which provides tools to turn content into games. The answers to all questions have been put into a a number of games. You can at any time practice by playing these games by using your mobile device or computer.

Finally, I have over five hundred multiple choice questions with answers and analysis at Level A, B and C. You will practice answering these questions.I will upload questions on a weekly basis to a program called socrative. I will tell you how to access that program and answer the questions. 

I will be continually adding material to help you master the content.

CMA Exam#2-IN-Depth Review-Costs & Incremental Analysis
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