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Part 2 of Global Player 2.0, the 5 communication skills

Impact and Influence global business
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How to influence & impact business
How to communicate confidently & professionally in business situation such as meetings, especially teleconference calls

Global Player 2.0,  Part 2  is designed for Japanese working in English speaking environments. Learn how to communicate in a professional manner that helps you to develop relationships and  influence others. Learn how to take advantage of the 'unwritten rules' of global business by communicating in the way preferred by business

The course is in English with comments at the end of each section  in Japanese by Masaru Someya

Course objectives:

  • What’s actually important to your global business colleagues? It’s not perfect English;-)

  • Why Global Player 2.0. Five Skills?

  • Our research data & what it means to you

  • Mindsets & behaviors for successful communication

  • Communication tools & techniques that are commonly used in global business

  • How you can use all of the above in both face-to-face & virtual settings

    I want to completely change the way you think of communicating in English!

  • This course is not about speaking better English.

  • It is about communicating better

  • You don’t need a TOEIC score of 900, 400 is enough

  • The 5 skills are the same skills taught to native speakers

The Five Skills:

1. Speak Up! (Part 1)

  • Gain confidence by learning to comment on any unexpected topic

2. Intelligent Listening  (Part 1)

  • Quickly create a good impression, understand more deeply & build better relationships

3. Kaizen Sandwich  (Part 2)

  • Use feedback techniques to give your opinion & develop relationships

4. Smart Comments  (Part 2)

  • Use simple techniques to join & lead discussions

5. Controlling the Conversation  (Part 2)

  • Apply a powerful technique that will help you to manage difficult topics so you can always follow & participate in those discussions

Part 2 of Global Player 2.0, the 5 communication skills
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