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Parents Guide to Help with the Transition to Online Learning

Simple and Successful Steps to Support a New Online Learner
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How to support your student(s) in the transition from brick/mortar school environment to an online virtual school environment.
Six steps to preparing you, your student(s) and your home for supporting an online learner.
Motivational and Engagement Tips to help your student both before and during the schooling process.

The traditional brick and mortar learning environment is completely different from the online virtual learning environment. The Parents Guide to Help with the Transition to Online Learning includes 10 video lessons, Tip4Success for Motivation and Engagement and a printable Parent’s checklist. You will learn how to support both elementary and high school age students with the transition from a traditional classroom environment to an online virtual environment where they have larger ownership in their daily education.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a societal shift in the way people view foundational pillars of society as a result of social distancing. The American Education System is one of these foundational pillars that has been and will continue to be impacted by social distancing with the increased interest in online education.

This transition can be scary and confusing for both parents and students but with the proper guide to help with the transition, the fear and confusion will be removed as the student successfully begins the online schooling environment.

Parents Guide to Help with the Transition to Online Learning
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