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Parenting Teens in the Age of Anxiety

What Can Parents and Teens Do to Manage Anxiety?
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The difference between positive stress, negative stress, and clinical anxiety
Current trends and rates of anxiety amongst teens
Shifts in society, adolescent development, and family structure that have contributed to an increase in anxiety
Consequences families are facing with the surge of teen anxiety
Practical strategies and tools that can help reduce and manage anxiety in teenagers

Rates of anxiety continue to surge, and no age demographic has seen a spike in anxiety more than teenagers. But what is behind the surge of anxiety rates?  And what can parents and teens do to manage their anxiety?

Jonathan Hetterly, an expert in teen culture, will explore how changes in society, adolescent development, and the family unit has contributed to a generation of teens struggling with anxious thoughts and feelings.

He’ll offer practical tips and tools for parents and teens on how to decrease and manage anxiety in their lives. Be prepared to laugh, to be challenged, and to find hope in his webinar on “Parenting Teens in the Age of Anxiety.”

Parenting Teens in the Age of Anxiety
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