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Parenting Shift

Move from Stressful To Joyful Parenting
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Parents will learn tools and strategies on how to control their emotions, move from negative to positive state and feel happy rather than stressed.
Emotional Intelligence
How to reduce stress around children
How to find inner peace
How to overcome parenting disagreements with your partner

Are You a Parent who:

•Is frustrated when your child challenges your orders?

•Feel annoyed when your child says NO to your requests?

•Experience stress because of your child’s behavior?

•Struggle with losing your patience?

• Is frustrated when emotionally over-react in certain situations?

•Feel emotionally exhausted?

Then this Program is for You! This Course will help you get understanding of how you can manage stress around your children and become, what we call an “Emotionally Intelligent Parent”.

The reason why you have never been able to get free of stress around your children and their behavior is because you have never been able to shift your perception of the situation and shift your emotions. This course will help you learn how to shift your perception and your emotions you will be able to handle any situation with your child!

Parenting Shift
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