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Parapsychology Mini Lecture: Night Hag & Sleep Paralysis

Learn about the phenomena of Night Hag; a frightening sleep disturbance estimated within 10 to 40% of people.
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Know some of the history and myths of the Night Hag
Identify the features of a Night Hag experience: Paralysis, Terror, & Hallucination
Know about medical explanations for Night Hag: Sleep Paralysis
Know about medical explanations for Night Hag: Hypnogogic Episodes
Identify the limits of Speep Paralysis and Hypnogogic Episodes in relation to Haunting Phenomena


Have you or someone you know ever heard their name called in their sleep? How about odd noises? Have you ever been unfortunate enough to awaken to the sound of footsteps or worse, seen something approach your bed while not being able to move? If so, you have experienced the phenomena of the Night Hag.

This mini-course covers:

  • The myths and history of Night Hag experiences.
  • The psychological/neurological explanations of the Night Hag phenomena.
  • A Discussion of how Night Hag has been related with external haunting phenomena.

Included In The Course: Three Videos, Outlines of Lecture Material, Additional Optional Resources, Optional Quiz, and References, Structured in Five Sections.

Time For Course: Approximately One Hour

Suitable For: Students interested in: Sleep Disorders, Parapsychology, Myth & History, Haunting.

Parapsychology Mini Lecture: Night Hag & Sleep Paralysis
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