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Create Paper Art in Procreate: From Sketch to Final Piece

How to create a realistic layered paper cut out effect using Procreate and your iPad. Digital Portrait illustrations.
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To create a digital paper-cut illustration in Procreate from sketch to final piece
How to use layer masks, clipping masks, symmetry tool, quick menu, and much more!
Different ways to add paper textures to our drawings
Useful tips and tricks that you will be able to apply to your own work!

Hi! My name is Lettie and I love to create all kind of illustrations in Procreate. Pushing the limits of this awesome app is something that I really enjoy. I especially like to use it for creating realistic paintings, watercolors, animations and paper cut style illustrations.

You’ve been asking me for a while how I give my characters illustrations a paper-cut feel.Well, your wish has been granted, because in this class we will create exactly that, a paper cut layered illustration in Procreate!

This is a step-by-step class, we will make together the sketch… add color… then shadows and… finally, texture to our illustration.

In this class we will cover things like:

  • Symmetry tool.

  • Customizing QuickMenu.

  • Clipping & Layer Masks.

  • Modifying Brush Settings.

  • Different ways to add paper texture to our drawings.

    And much more!

You can download all the custom brushes, palettes, drawing studies, my sketch and also the images, that you will need to draw along with me.

Basic knowledge of Procreate is recommended but not required to take this class. Having said that, let’s get started!

Create Paper Art in Procreate: From Sketch to Final Piece
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