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Panic and Anxiety Survival

Top 10 in-the-Moment Panic or Anxiety Attack Strategies
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In-the-moment anxiety relief.
Confidence in your ability to get through panic attacks and anxiety.
How to remember the techniques for when you need them most.

This course will introduce you to 10 top techniques to relieve anxiety or panic attacks while they occurring and will include a mnemonic to help you remember these methods when you need them most.  This course is taught by a PhD professor of research who is also an anxiety survivor.

Some comments from recent students:

  • “The personal experience helps someone more who is really in need of this.”


  •   “People who are new to anxiety attacks will understand much more by taking this course on how people deal with and how to work on it.”

  • “Yes, really it is fantastic and its related with my job.”

Panic and Anxiety Survival
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