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Palo Alto Networks Automation with API, Python & Ansible

A practical course to learn Automation using API, Python & Ansible with Palo Alto Networks Firewalls & Panorama
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Learn how to get profit from the XML and REST API on Palo Alto Networks Firewalls.
Make your first steps with Ansible and learn how to automate tasks on Palo Alto Networks Firewalls via Playbooks.
Become familiar with Python scripting and learn how to automate annoying tasks on Palo Alto Networks Firewalls .
Learn how to generate thousands of configuration objects and rules on Palo Alto Networks Firewalls without much effort.

*** The only Palo Alto Networks Firewall course on Udemy 100% Automation oriented  .***

Automation via API, Python or Ansible is now a "must-have" skill for network & security engineers. We have more equipment than ever to deal with and a lot of daily and repetitive tasks to execute. Tools like API or Ansible were created to help , however, online information is sometimes hard to find or difficult to interpret if you are a beginner.

I build this course from scratch with "Simplicity" in mind so that you can be efficient very quickly with API, Python & Ansible on Palo Alto Networks firewalls. The course includes a Virtual Machine that has all the automation tools to start playing with more than 15 awesome labs. You will also be given working samples of Python code and Ansible playbooks for each lab and get familiar with them.



Great course. I work with Palo Alto firewalls all day and I really enjoyed the content. Looking forward to trying this out in a test environment and then moving on to production.


Course is very informative and help to work faster and save time.


Great video demonstration very helpful for beginners in automation


Very helpful, strongly Recommended

Palo Alto Networks Automation with API, Python & Ansible
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