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Painting with colored pencils

Paint with your colored pencil, a fun addition to your workflow
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painting with colored pencils
How to evolve your pencil coloring into great looking paintings
Discover how to paint with colored pencils using various styles and techniques
Work on beautiful, fun projects
Bring your colored artwork to another level
Easy to pick up fun techniques

Painting with Colored Pencils

So you have discovered and mastered how to make lovely colored pencil drawings. You enjoy the results you get when working with this easy-to-use and readily-available medium. It’s amazing, isn’t it, how much expression, personality, beauty and details you can put into coloring. It’s a wonderful thing to WOW people with impressive coloring pages and colored pencil drawings.

But did you know that you can EVOLVE your pencil coloring into a GREAT-LOOKING-PAINTING without ever touching paint at all?! The techniques I discovered to make this happen, are such great fun and the results are truly awesome!

My name is Benjamin Aeilkema and I’m an Illustrator and Artist from The Netherlands. I love creating Artworks with all kinds of materials. Besides creating art, I love to help others in unlocking and growing in their own potential of making art. I love to discover and release special designed techniques that will make this journey of exploring and discovering accessible, doable and affordable for all.

When I think about painting with Colored Pencils the words that immediately come to mind are: “Such great fun, super relaxing, amazing transformation.”

In this Art Class you will discover the different ways of how to EVOLVE your COLORING into a PAINTERISH artwork. When looking at my painted-colored-pencil-work people have been completely convinced that is was a pastel painting or an oil painting. They could hardly believe this result was achieved with colored pencils.

If you want to discover how you can do this with YOUR own coloring, then this Art Class will absolutely be a blast for you!

  • Enjoy this specially designed Painting with Colored Pencils Method that will evolve your works into something beyond coloring

  • Discover these easy-to-master, special techniques I created for you

  • We’ll work on a number of projects with various materials like: alcohol, white spirit, baby-oil and more

  • Gain understanding of only the necessary theory with very plain and understandable step-by-step video lessons

  • Directly apply your newly gained insights to fun assignments this course will walk you through

  • Become confident in knowing how to apply your newly acquired skills and gained understanding to your very own colored pencils works

Gain a whole new perspective on the way you color!

Enrolling in this Art Class will give you 6 video lessons with clear instructions and examples and fun projects. In these videos, I will be sharing my painting with colored pencils secrets with you. You will greatly benefit from my decades long experience as an instructor and teacher.

My easy to follow teaching method will help you to understand exactly how to get from point A to point B. The in-depth demos will give you the insight needed on how to apply the discoveries.

The skill level advancing assignments are all truly focused on helping you grow. They’re fun to do, allowing you to keep on discovering new potentials.

There's more......

Additional PDF: Great Time Savers in PDF format

To help you save time, I’m providing you with Templates. These templates quickly get you going, without the need of having to redraw the assignments in the videos. Just print out the template you need and you’re set. This helps you to stay focused on the lesson, rather than being slowed down by extra work.

Don’t have access to a printer? Don’t worry, if you’re familiar with the grid method, you can use this to draw the projects yourself. A version of the all the projects with grid is included in the pdf’s.

Once you’ve completed an assignment, there’s no need to re-watch the video lesson. Instead, all of the answers are in a handy booklet. Just find the lesson you’re on and compare your work to the finished assignment in the book. Again, this will save you time and allow you to keep on going.

Additional demos: Join me at work

Wouldn't it be great to see me at work, rather than only seeing me teach? Now you can. With these 3 additional videos you get to join me at work. While working I've filmed 3 projects from start to finish. Once you have gone through the complete Art Class, you can see how I actually use the techniques I teach. Even better, join me in recreating these projects yourself, using all that you've discovered.

Enroll now to start having fun with Painting with Colored Pencils. See you inside.

Painting with colored pencils
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