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Paid Traffic Fundamentals: Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Hey Everyone,Thanks for checking out my course! Below you'll find some info about my who the course is for, what information will be covered as well as my back...
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Hey Everyone,

Thanks for checking out my course! Below you'll find some info about my who the course is for, what information will be covered as well as my background. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! I want to help in any way that I can.

Thank and I hope you enjoy the course!


Why Should I Take This Class?

The potential to use paid traffic to grow your business is massive. Paid traffic can be implemented quickly and can literally start generating sales overnight. Furthremore, due the the huge traffic potetial of paid traffic, Paid Traffic Scales

The trouble though, is with so many differnet paid traffic options, it can be difficult to figure out which is the best one for your business.

And, while choosing the right kinds of paid traffic can be massively beneficial.. choosign the wrong kinds can be a massively expensive lesson.

This course will be your roadmap to Paid Traffic Success.

Delivered in quick video lessons, I'll give you the 80/20 overview of the biggest paid traffic platforms Google and Facebook without the clutter. Google and Facebook ads offer the most opportunity and are the best place to start.

Let me save you the trouble (and CO$T) of trying different paid traffic channels and point you in the right direction from the start. 


What is Paid Traffic?

Paid Traffic is basically paying for visits to your website. Unlike other marketing channels, you can get set up with paid traffic fast and start seeing results almost immediately.

You can pay per click, pay per impression, and use a variety of differnet paid traffic platforms. 

What's Your Story?

I started managing paid traffic as a consultant 3 years ago and was fast hooked when I saw the results that could be achieved so quickly.

Fast forward and I've managed multiple 6 Figures of online traffic spend across all the major paid traffic networks. I still selective manage paid traffic for clients ranging from local service providers, ecommerce stores, sortware businesses as well as my own businesses and projects.

Over the years, I've learned a ton. I've learned what works on what platform, and more important what doesn't work

Learn from my hard earned experience and let me break down the fundamentals you need for paid traffic success.


Who This Course is For

This class is for entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners, hustlers - Any opportunist who wants to explore the scaleable potential that paid traffic can have for them but doesn't want to waste all of their money on the learning curve.

It's for beginners - so don't worry if this is the first you've ever heard about paid traffic. This course is best suited for someone who is interested in paid traffic but not really sure where and how to start. I'll get you comfortable with your different options and share tips/tricks.

This course is a high level overview and covers a huge bredth of information. It's mostly big picture concepts and midsets you can apply to any type of campaign. Further, I provide links to recources that you can dig into at your own leisure to get into more nitty gritty details. 


Course Breakdown:

Unit 1: Why Paid Traffic is the best way to grow your business.

  • The first unit talks about some advantages of paid traffic and why it is a great option to explore for your business.

Unit 2: Online business fundamentals 

  • This next unit talks about some fundamental marketing and online business concepts that you need in order to have success with paid traffic. 
  • Topics include Customer Awareness Levels and Buyer Funnels, Landing Pages and Opt-in Funnels, and Key Components for a Successfun Website

Unit 3: Good Product Listing Ads

  • Now into the good stuff.. the types of paid traffic :)
  • In this unit you'll learn about Google Product Listing Ads
  • Who they are for
  • How they work and how to get set up with them
  • Ticks and Tricks

Unit 4: Google Search Ads

  • This unit talks aobut Google Search Ads.
  • You'll learn what Google Search Ads are, Who they are for, Pros and Cons, Tips and Tricks and How to get started.

Unit 5: Facebook Ads

  • In this unit you'll learn about Facebook Ads
  • Topics covered include what types of businesses are best suited for FB Ads, best strategy for utilizing FB Ads, Pros and Cons, How to get started and more.

Unit 6: Retargeting

  • The last unit will teach you about Retargeting Ads
  • Like the other units, you'll learn about how they work, tips on how to best utilize them, recommended platforms to use and more. 

Plus, you also get:

  • Online content that you can access forever and from any device
  • Continuously updated recommednations on tools and resources
  • A community of peers for feedback and to share successes


Plain and simply, paid traffic is the fastest and most scaleable online marketing channel. It plays a significant role in the success of all of my businesses or any business I am a part of.

Join me inside and see how it can change your business too!

See you soon,


Paid Traffic Fundamentals: Google Ads vs Facebook Ads
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