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Super detailed Oracle SQL tutorial for beginners and experienced users

Learn Oracle SQL theory and get practical examples & recommendations from my multiyear professional experience in this detailed Oracle SQL tutorial.
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You'll understand Database terminology
You'll develop stable skills in Oracle SQL
You'll get ready to create solutions for arising SQL problems
You will understand SQL code written by other people and feel confident in modifying it

Do you want an Oracle SQL tutorial with maximum share of experience and minimum theorizing? Then let me invite you to this course to learn Oracle SQL step by step from the very beginning. I’m here to guide you to a full understanding of Oracle SQL database terminology, its major principles so you can do many things with SQL code, both writing your own and modifying that written by others. Join my class and prepare for some in-depth learning! 

Why do you need this Oracle SQL tutorial? 

Today, in our data-driven world, all sorts of organizations in any field are dependent on databases in their day-to-day operations. It’s not surprising that different specialists use databases within a company in a broad range of applications, as well as managers when planning business strategies. Trained and certified SQL specialists are highly in demand today, and it doesn’t seem like this trend is going to change any time soon. Database developers, data architects, business and data analysts, database administrators, data scientists – they all win a great fortune from developing excellent skills in database management. My advice is choosing to learn Oracle SQL on a professional level. Why? Oracle SQL is honored because of the following main advantages: 

  • Grouping transactions;
  • Improved performance;
  • Functionality, versatility, and reliability;
  • Flashback technology.

I’ve designed this Oracle SQL tutorial for beginners, but if you already have some experience with SQL, you’ll also find valuable points here. 

What will be the primary targets when learning Oracle SQL in this course? 

We’ll start by building an essential understanding of what data is, and what a database is. Once you learn the simplest statements, you’ll move on to more advanced Oracle SQL functions without even noticing, since the flow of this Oracle SQL tutorial is very gradual, allowing you to really absorb the information. We’ll have the luxury of nearly 11 hours working together, so there’ll be no hurry in leaping over the topics, but truly taking the time to understand the concepts explained. 

Here’s a list of the main topics you’re going to discover in this course: 

  • Introduction to Oracle, explaining the differences between DBMS and RDBMS, how to use and maintain Database in real life. 
  • DDL, TCL commands – how to work with them in Oracle SQL. 
  • How to work with different clauses.
  • How to work with different operators. 
  • How to work with different Oracle SQL functions. 
  • Working with different constraints and joins in Oracle Database. 
  • How to work with synonyms and views of different complexity. 
  • Making use of indexes, clusters, and sequences. 
  • Studying Subquery examples. 
Learning Oracle SQL the practical way 

There’s a lot of material readily available to you about Oracle SQL database in textbooks, but my goal is to enrich all of that with practical examples and tips that I’ve learned myself over the years of professional experience. So all the material in this Oracle SQL tutorial is going to be authentic and will help you to get a better grip of these database management statements. Jump in and enjoy learning! 

Super detailed Oracle SQL tutorial for beginners and experienced users
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