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Oracle Cash Management: Take Control of Your Funds

Find out how Oracle R12 Cash Management can help you optimize your finances and exercise control!
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How to use the bank, branch and account features
How to create bank transaction codes
How to import and reconcile bank statements
How to perform cash flow forecasting
How to post information on Oracle General Ledger

Oracle Corporation has long been known as one of the best friends an enterprise can have. Ever since the late eighties, they have been working non-stop to offer business solutions that help immensely with making your daily work easier and more productive.

In 2007, they presented Oracle Apps R12, also known as the Oracle E-Business Suite. It is a bundle of applications meant to improve managing your resources, supplies, manufacturing, customer relationships, and other crucial elements of business life.

In this Oracle R12 training course, Koduru Sridevi will introduce you to one of the financial applications that the Oracle Apps R12 bundle contains called Oracle Cash Management. Used all around the world, it allows you to save time and effort when monitoring and manipulating your funds.

Manage your cash flows with maximum efficiency!

With Oracle Cash Management, you can control your cash cycles enterprise-wide. It allows you to load electronic statements directly from your bank and match them with the transactions in your local system automatically. If you prefer doing it manually, that’s also an option – however, automatization can be incredibly helpful if you’re working for a major business that makes and receives a vast amount of transactions every month. 

Speaking of big enterprises, Oracle Cash Management can also be very useful in helping you see the big picture. First and foremost, you will be able to quickly notice various inconsistencies and exceptions, which makes it much easier to identify frauds. Idle cash will not slip unnoticed as well: you will be able to optimize your cash cycle to be as efficient as possible.

And that’s not all! Understanding the big picture will allow you to not only recognize issues in the past but also forecast what lies ahead. By interpreting invoices and orders, Oracle Cash Management can plan future cash flows. Guess who will never be caught off-guard again!

Get to know each functionality with an Oracle R12 training professional!

In this Oracle R12 Cash Management course, you will be guided by a Senior Oracle Apps and Fusion trainer Koduru Sridevi. She has been working with Oracle Applications for over a decade now and knows the technologies like the back of her hand. Koduru is exceptionally interested in the applications related to manufacturing, distribution, purchasing, and finances – which, of course, includes the Oracle Cash Management app.

During the tutorial that lasts one and a half hours, you will find out everything you need to start using Oracle Cash Management for your business. Koduru will begin by explaining how to set up the system and move on to practical use. 

Improve your performance by using a flexible financial system!

Finances and accounting are traditionally deemed as very strict and exact disciplines. Luckily, Oracle R12 Cash Management is everything but strict – you can use it with multiple banks and multiple currencies at once. It can also be integrated with other Oracle products, including:

  • Oracle Payables
  • Oracle Receivables
  • Oracle Payroll
  • Oracle General Ledger
  • Oracle Risk Management
  • Oracle Treasury

Take the course today and make accounting a breeze!

Oracle Cash Management: Take Control of Your Funds
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