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Operations Management 2 - Process Mapping & Supply Chain

Learn The Fundamentals of Operations Management - Process Mapping and Supply Chain
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In this course you will learn to undertake independent research to understand the theoretical and practical knowledge of operations management to solve current business challenges
In this course you will learn to understand and analyse the key concepts of process management
This course equips you with the tools to apply critical thinking to supply chain management, quality and productivity management
In this course you will learn to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of communication and information flow in the business to improve current business practice

Are you interested in a career within in the world of management?

You have come to the right place! Learn the principles of Operations Management here.

Throughout this course you will be introduced to the fundamentals of corporate management viewed from the perspective of the business manager. We will study the five main areas of Operations Management:

1. Process Management, Process Mapping and Design – Learn Introduction to Process Management, Processes, Procedures, Process Mapping and Design, Where Process Mapping Can Be Used and the Types of Processes.


2. Procedural Outline and Quality, Communication Management & Process Re-Engineering - Learn Procedural Outline and Quality and Standard Procedures, Communication and Information Management, The Cascade, The "Suck-Up" Model of Communication and Process Re-Engineering.


3. Quality and Productivity Management – Learn Quality and Productivity Management, Cost of Quality, Origins of TQM, The Plan-Do-Study-Act Cycle, Benchmarking, Employee Empowerment and Team Approach, Use of Quality Tools, Product Design, ISO International Standards and Six Sigma.


4. Supply Chain Management – Learn Introduction to Supply Chain Management, Challenge to Supply Chain Management Bullwhip Effect, Lean Operations Systems, Lean for Production and Services, Services and Delivery in Supply Chain, Supplier Performance Matrix, and Demand and Volume Projections.


5. Supply Chain Management, Continuous Improvement & Technology – Learn Inventory and Cycle Optimization - Just in Time (JIT) vs. Just in Case, Top Five Techniques to Achieve Inventory Optimization, The Philosophy of JIT, Kanban Production, JIT and Lean Systems within OM, Supply Chain Networks, Continuous Improvement, Getting Started With Kaizen, and Technology in Process and Supply Chain Management.
Each of these segments includes practical cases and quizzes aiming to strengthen your knowledge.

Follow along as we provide you with the skills to effectively evaluate, manage, and design the management knowledge and functions to contribute to a firm’s future operations direction through applying modern thought.

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Operations Management 2 - Process Mapping & Supply Chain
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