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All in One Online Python Course

The most comprehensive online Python course to learn the basics of Python
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You'll learn the essentials of Python in a deep level
You'll get the tools and understanding to build real-world Python applications
You'll have nearly 40 hours of input and an opportunity to contact the instructor for further clarifications

If you’re looking for one comprehensive online Python course to learn all the basics of Python, welcome! It’s the right course on Python for absolute beginners, where I’ll be sharing my mastery in Python that I’ve developed in my long experience ever since the 9th grade! It’s going to be a super detailed course, so prepare some 40 hours of your time – that’s right, it’s a full work-week – to learn the essence in one Python online course.

Is an online Python course worth your time?

Definitely. A perfect way of learning is having an expert mentor giving you one on one lessons for however long it takes to transfer the knowledge from one individual’s experience to another one’s brain. However, in this day and age, few of us have the luxury of time and resources to learn in such an antique-Greek style, so online learning has become the best way to learn things fast and cheap. After getting the input from an instructor, you’ll have plenty of time to digest the information and try things out yourself as long as you need so that you can move on at the right time.

Is it worth learning Python these days?

To assure you that Python is worth learning, I’ll just summarize what experienced programmers say about this language.
1. Python is very easy to learn, and already at level 1, you may do practical and real-world projects.
2. It has an abnormally broad range of applications, from data science to web or game development, etc.
3. It’s open-source with a vast community and an endless number of frameworks.
4. It’s a sexy tool these days, much in demand in many companies for its flexibility and multifunctionality.

What are you going to learn in this online Python course?

This course is intended to learn Python for absolute beginners, so you’ll start from scratch: from the basics of Python. By the end of this comprehensive Python online course, you’ll turn into a professional Python engineer capable of building real-world applications. We’ll dig deep into every topic of this course, and all the topics reflect the beginner Python developer’s needs.

This course consists of almost 40 hours of content distributed into 26 sections. Here, you’ll go from learning numbers, variables, strings, loops, and conditional statements. You’ll then dig even deeper into the basic concepts and functions until you can enter the object-oriented programming stuff. You’ll learn to deal with errors that are common in Python, and then start learning about graphical user interface with Tkinter in Python. Also, you’ll study its documentation, descriptors, Python’s potential with databases, and finish with GUI-based YouTube download manager, Text editor, and Music player. And that’s just a handful of the topics that we’ll dive into when learning in this online Python course.

Get direct support from the author of this online Python course

If there’s still anything you’d like to clarify, you can always contact me directly via email or join my community on Facebook. You may also use the functionality on BitDegree to post comments on each lecture and participate in a community forum.

All in One Online Python Course
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