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Odoo Tutorial and ERP Training for Beginners

Functional Odoo tutorial in which you can learn ERP as well: learn to setup Odoo ERP system for your business
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Understand how Odoo ERP system works and how to initiate it
Understand Odoo applications, differences between apps and modules
How to set up your Odoo application with Odoo Enterprise Edition or Odoo Community Edition
ERP modules: contacts, discuss, calendar, CRM, products, sales, purchase, inventory, manufacturing

Started a business, and now you have trouble keeping up with your clients/inventory/sales? Well, then I have the solution for you: it's the Odoo ERP system: a secure management software that can help you grow your reach and boost your sales. Join me in this ERP and Odoo tutorial, and I will teach you everything you need to know to learn ERP and Odoo.

Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP Training

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a type of business management software when you can integrate various applications into your business activities to ensure the best result. It is capable of operating in real time, allows system integration, the possibility to be used in various functional areas. You can learn ERP for financial, management accounting, HR, manufacturing, CRM, supply chain, project management, and more.

If you choose to take this Odoo tutorial and learn ERP as well, you can learn about how you can use it to sustain the business in today's competitive market. And it doesn't even matter if your business is big or small: ERP training can help maintain any business.

What About Odoo Training?

As mentioned before, Odoo is a management software that can pull all enterprise resource planning into one place. That means you need just one software with various integrated software to keep your tabs on how everything is going and what can you improve.

Odoo is convenient as you can add over 10,000 applications according to your business needs (of course such number of applications is not recommended to those who have a small business: it can be overwhelming). And you don't need to install it to try it: there is an online free solution curated to those who want to test before they commit.

Let's look over what features we are going to go over in this Odoo tutorial:

  • Contact application: gives you the ability to manage partners, customers, and other stakeholders. You can schedule meetings and different types of events.
  • Discuss application: you can instantly message your employees or other contacts.
  • Calendar application: you can manage your scheduled (or create new) meetings and events.
  • CRM: manage your relations with one app: manage leads, opportunities, specify a sales pipeline, and make your customers loyal.
  • Product: you can enter various products and services into the application to manage then easier.
  • Sales: you can improve your sales process with this part of ERP training as you can create invoices, sales orders and keep them all in one place.
  • Inventory: you can manage your inventory with this app: know when you have to receive or deliver your products to manage stock levels seamlessly.
  • Purchase: you get to learn how to issue purchase orders and manage your bills from vendors.
  • Manufacturing: you can create manufacturing orders, bill of material documents to make your manufacturing process more manageable.

Of course, I will show you how you can setup Odoo ERP in this Odoo tutorial. You'll know how to add your company details, create users, and manage access rights, languages. I will show how to work with Enterprise and the Community editions in this Odoo training.

Learn ERP Odoo system today: take my Odoo tutorial, and in 4 hours, you will know everything there is about Odoo ERP. Why not implement everything from this Odoo ERP training in your business? Join me and make your business management effortless.

Odoo Tutorial and ERP Training for Beginners
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