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Objective-C Tutorial: Become a Master of iOS App Development

Learn how to make an iOS app with Objective-C tutorial for beginners
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Write code in Objective-C
Convert Objective-C iOS Apps into Swift
Communicate between iOS apps and Servers
Convert Swift iOS Apps into Objective-C
Build Simple Node & Express Servers and APIs

Enter into the world of Objective-C and stand out as an iOS developer! Objective-C, created in the 1980s, is an object-oriented programming language used for iOS app development and is currently selected as one of the main languages for macOS and iOS. The other primary language is Swift. This Objective-C tutorial for beginners is designed for an iOS developer with a background in Swift programming. For you to get a job as an iOS developer, you must have the basic knowledge and understanding of Objective-C.

This course will help you learn how to write codes using Objective-C and Swift. It will teach you how to write codes and convert an iOS app from Objective-C to Swift and vice versa. But a fair warning: we will focus mostly on Objective-C in this tutorial, so you should take our Swift programming course before you start this one.

Who Can Take This Course to Learn Objective-C

This Objective-C tutorial is intended for junior and advanced iOS developers looking to improve on their programming language. The crash course is designed to help you learn Objective-C if you already have a background of Swift. It will guide you through the learning curve of Objective-C by offering 8 hours of videos and 15+ of assignments and challenges. In the end, you will have learned the anatomy of an Objective-c file, JavaScript primer, Node, and Express.

Getting Started with Objective-C

Why Learn Objective-C? Objective-C language solves the problems associated with the true reusability of software programming and design. It is an alternative language to Swift and is well suited for beginners who have no prior experience or knowledge of the language. The iPhone app development course will educate you on all aspects of the framework, starting with the necessary knowledge, Conditionals & BOOL, weak vs. strong and retain cycles, Node and Express, Interoperability, and App singleton. Although these terms may sound somewhat confusing, it should not bother you. The Objective-C tutorial for beginners is designed to help you quickly learn how to make an iOS app.

Learn Objective-C Easily with This Course

This Objective-C tutorial for beginners one of the rare courses that will take a beginner with no experience or knowledge in Objective-C to an advanced iOS developer. At the end of the course, you will learn how to make an iOS app with Objective-C and how to switch apps from Swift to Objective-C programming language and vice versa. Just look at what you will learn in this iPhone app development course:

  • Write code in Objective-C;
  • Convert Objective-C apps to Swift Apps;
  • NSArrays and NSMutableArray;
  • Loops and fast enumeration;
  • Object-oriented programming;
  • Creating POST Requests;
  • Build Simple APIs;
  • Build simple Node and Express servers;
  • JavaScript Primer use;
  • Create communication between iOS apps and servers.
  • Special Community to Learn Objective-C

Devslopes has a community of 4500+ active learners. If you join this Objective-C tutorial, I will show you how you can access this community to get recent updates on iPhone app development.

Time to learn: enroll in this iOS app development course and learn how to make an iOS app with Objective-C!

Objective-C Tutorial: Become a Master of iOS App Development
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