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Object-Oriented Programming: Python For .NET Developers

Learn Python from scratch in this object-oriented programming Python course
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Get a refresher on C# code with Python exercises
How to write object-oriented programming Python code

Even though this object-oriented programming Python course is dedicated to .NET developers, you don't have to know anything about .NET or C# to start the course. I will start with the absolute basics so that you will learn Python from scratch.

Why should you learn Python basics?

Python is very versatile, so no wonder that the interest in this programming language is only growing. I think there are five main reasons why you should start this object-oriented programming Python course:

  • Possibility to increase your salary: since Python is so popular and needed, people who know how to work with it have a competitive salary. In the United States, the average Python programmer salary is around $116K, so why not try to achieve this by starting a Python course?
  • Learning Python is easy: one of the main reasons why Python is so popular is its simplicity. The code written in Python is easy to understand as it resembles the English language, and that added to its popularity over the years. One of the main reasons why Python was created was the need for a simple programming language.
  • Various platform support: you can run Python on multiple platforms seamlessly.
  • Flexibility: Python is a general-purpose language, which means that if you learn object-oriented programming, Python can be used to create desktop software, web applications, frameworks.
  • Fast interpretation: you can achieve a fast runtime execution as the interpretation of Python takes less time.
Why take my course to learn Python from scratch?

I have over 12 years of experience in working with programming languages, and I specialize in .NET. I understand that knowing more than one programming language is a great advantage, so I believe it is beneficial to learn Python for .NET developers. That's why in this object-oriented programming Python course, I compare this programming language to C#. You don't have to have C# basics to enroll in this course, but if you know C#, you will be able to see how Python compares to this programming language. In essence, I am waiting for three types of students in this Python course:

  • People who have no developing experience and want to learn a versatile programming language;
  • People who have C#/.NET experience and wish to advance their skills and compare Python to C#;
  • People who want to learn C# and Python at the same time: I will show you the basics and compare them in both programming languages.

As you can see, this object-oriented programming Python course is quite short: only 2 hours. So you should choose this course if you want to get Python basics quickly and with little effort: I will teach you about variables, functions, collections, classes, conditionals, and, of course, comments in the code. We will start this course by setting up your coding environment, so all you need to do beforehand is to download Visual Studio and Python. I will show you how you can install .NET and C# so we can compare the coding practices of these languages.

Choose this object-oriented programming Python course and learn Python from scratch in only 2 hours. Enroll today!

Object-Oriented Programming: Python For .NET Developers
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