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Level Up with Object-oriented PHP and CodeIgniter

Expand your coding knowledge with Object-oriented PHP and learning CodeIgniter framework.
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You'll get an in-depth understanding of the OOP techniques
You'll master CodeIgniter
You'll be able to perform CRUD operations in CodeIgniter
You'll know how to add third party HTML templates in CodeIgniter
You'll be able to write a more compact and effective code with classes

The downside of procedural programming is that the code you write is not reusable. Learn object-oriented programming (OOP) to avoid this issue easily and expand your potential as an IT professional. This course is designed to bring all that you need to learn object-oriented PHP in one place. You'll start from the beginning and end up having the necessary skills to create web applications by yourself using powerful programming language and frameworks. In this tutorial, we'll be doing the job with Codeigniter. Jump in to start learning!

The reasons to learn object-oriented PHP

Experienced programmers admit that the sooner you learn object-oriented PHP, the sooner you'll be able to take advantage of powerful application frameworks (such as Codeigniter or Laravel) or testing frameworks like PHPUnit. Other benefits include code reusability and recycling. The important thing is that this PHP object-oriented programming tutorial is not only going to expand your skill set with PHP, but your knowledge can later be applied to the majority of other modern programming languages. I would also recommend learning object-oriented PHP once you already have some basic understanding of procedural programming, as this will be a more natural and easier learning path.

My main advantage when teaching others is that I have multiyear experience in the developer's role. I'm leading a developers' team in a software house, and I've already created thousands of video lectures for my community. I have a solid background in programming, working with so many different languages and frameworks, so I can competently compare them and share only what's best with you. My course doesn't require any additional investment, as you'll be able to learn everything using either free software or I'll guide you to where you can get free trial versions of paid software.

What's in this course for you?

You will leave this php object-oriented programming tutorial knowing how to use OOP techniques, how to work with SQL for your needs. You'll figure the Codeigniter framework inside-out, and you'll be able to add third-party HTML templates.

Here's a quick look at the main topics that we're going to cover to learn the highly effective and desired skills:

  • You'll start by getting an in-depth understanding of all the necessary concepts of OOP in PHP.
  • You'll discover how to manage your database and its integration with your PHP project.
  • We'll carry on with an extensive Codeigniter tutorial exploiting the benefits of Bootstrap 4 for front-end purposes.
  • When learning Codeigniter, you'll understand its fundamental concepts, so you're able to develop your web application and website.
  • You'll get a clear and easy-to-follow explanation of breaking your HTML content into multiple views.
  • You'll learn how to use helpers, libraries, query builder.
  • You'll know how to perform form validation from the server-side, also how to take care of their security.
  • You'll also get practical tips on learning Codeigniter with Bootstrap 4.
  • You'll be able to use AJAX for sending/receiving data without page refresh.
  • You'll learn and practice creating a Login and Sign up system.
  • This Codeigniter tutorial will also include CRUD operations to help you with understanding the basic operation of this framework better.
Polish your skills, and then get down to serious work!

Object-oriented PHP will empower you to write more compact and effective code while grouping similar tasks into classes. It will make your team's work smoother, more structured, and faster. Enroll in to learn it with confidence!

Level Up with Object-oriented PHP and CodeIgniter
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