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Nuke tutorial for beginners: shift from After Effects to Nuke

Take this Nuke tutorial to shift to the #1 VFX software in the industry and learn how to use Nuke from someone who’s worked on Hollywood blockbusters.
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You'll know the basic nodes in Nuke, when to use them, and how to use them
You'll understand the functional differences between After Effects and Nuke
You'll transition with your After Effects skills Nuke - the industry standard software for VFX

Nuke has become the industry-standard software for visual effects (VFX). If you want to create fancy shots, but you’re not familiar even with the Nuke’s interface, then you’re in the right place to start. This Nuke tutorial for beginners will help you transition your compositing skills from After Effects or other compositing software to Nuke. Learn how to use Nuke in a flash!

First things first: why do you need this Nuke tutorial?

You want to grow as a VFX artist. And you need the best tool in the industry to create impressive visual effects that will make you proud of your work. At the same time, it can guarantee you a challenging job position in a progressive team. In fact, 80% of the visual effects industry predominantly uses Nuke as their primary tool, so it’s almost a no-brainer to get proper Nuke training ASAP. Why? Because it’ll help you get into real projects more quickly. Nuke offers more complex effects compared to other compositing software, so you’ll learn stuff on a higher level.

This Nuke tutorial is designed to help learn VFX for beginners. You’ll be guided by someone with professional experience in the world of VFX and who actually worked on Hollywood blockbusters. I’m going to guide you thoroughly through the similarities and differences across VFX software. What’s also important, I’ll be offering networking opportunities for students to get even more value from this Nuke tutorial.

What are you going to learn in this course?

This Nuke training is going to empower you by helping to pick up this dominant tool! Here’s a quick overview of what content we’re going to cover in nearly 90 minutes.

  • You’ll get a proper introduction to Nuke – it’s potential, presence, and interface entirely from scratch.
  • You’ll launch into a new era of your career by transferring the After Effects skills to Nuke. I’ll show you how to apply the basic nodes and effects of some other compositing software in Nuke.
  • You’ll understand the functional differences between different pieces of compositing software.
  • You’ll get ready to prepare work files, composites comfortably, and then render your work in Nuke.
  • You’ll learn from the best practices of VFX for beginners and move to a competent Nuke artist’s level.

There are also bonuses included in this Nuke tutorial. I hope those will help you a lot on your way to hitting the Hollywood industry with your potential!

Your search ends here!

If you’re willing to shift to Nuke, you no longer need to search for a suitable course, because… you’ve found one! Learn how to use Nuke in this tutorial where theory is combined with practice. This is not a compositing class, though, I must warn you. It’s all about making the shift. So, I hope you’re ready to start learning. You’re in good hands. Enroll now, because now is the best time to learn Nuke!

Nuke tutorial for beginners: shift from After Effects to Nuke
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