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Learn Node.js web development getting a full stack of the best tools

Get confident in web development from scratch by learning Node.js web development – the ultimate tool to take care of the front and the back end of your web applications.
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You'll get skills for back- and front-end development
You'll learn to build the UX/UI design
You'll practice implementing Stripe checkout in your website
You'll learn to include Facebook login on your web applications

Is it possible to build a unique website and deploy it live on the internet in around 9 hours? Absolutely. And we’re not going to use an automated website builder like Wix or a CMS like Wordpress – no. Instead, you’re going to learn about the different parts of the web and the necessary tools like Node, Express, MongoDB for building the back-end. For the front-end, you’ll get a feel of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery. That will be a Node.js web development course for novice programmers or complete beginners. Sit down and learn web development from scratch! 

What makes Node.js web development worth learning? 

Over the past few years, Node.js has become one of the most widely used JavaScript runtime environments in the world. Why should you be learning how to build a website with Node.js, you may wonder. That’s a fair question. Answering it, I’ll give you five reasons that make Node.js web development tool so attractive and useful. 

  • It allows writing JavaScript on both the client AND server-side. 
  • It is used for building powerful and complex applications with simple code. 
  • It offers increased agility and flexibility through building microservices. 
  • It can be used for a wide range of purposes spanning from web development (primarily) to working in ops or infrastructure or developing other development tools. 
  • It is not one of the short-term hits that come and go but is here to stay for long because of the trust it has earned from, for example, Google. 
How are you going to learn web development from scratch in this course? 

It might almost seem like it’s too much to learn in a single course on Node.js web development (back- and front-end development, UX/UI design, Stripe checkout, Facebook login functionality, etc.). The unhidden secret is that… well, you can truly do that, because that’s what Node.js is capable of – doing all the mentioned things that you’re going to learn and practice. Your final project will get a form of a real, live website deployed with a domain name. Along the way, you’re going to learn the following: 

  • You’ll get an understanding of the basic features in programming, such as variables, data types, string, boolean, object, arrays, number, loops, conditions. 
  • You’ll then move on to discovering how to build document object module (DOM) and DOM manipulation using CSS and JavaScript. 
  • You’ll get experience in fetching data from the Mongo database. 
  • You’ll build the functionality to login with Facebook/Google/Instagram. 
  • You’ll prepare your project to accept payments. 
  • You’ll work on storing data on a remote database, as well as on deleting, updating data. 
  • You’re going to build a few realistic projects while learning: a Zodiac web application, a social media web application, a book search engine, and others.
  • You’ll learn to deploy all the websites that you’ll create along the way. 
  • You’ll see how to make the best use of GitHub, Heroku and Passport. 
  • You’ll get the basics of a collection of programming languages while learning how to build a website with Node.js, such as Express.js, Nodemon, MongoDB, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, HTML & CSS, and more. 

A good example is worth more than a thousand words, so I’ve made sure to include plenty of coding examples from the real world and add detailed explanations about them. 

Rich content and clear guidance

So, as you can see, your journey to learn Node.js web development is going to start with a content-rich course. I’ll make sure you don’t get lost since there will be much to learn, but I made this easy when you enroll in this course. I’ll see you inside!

Learn Node.js web development getting a full stack of the best tools
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