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New course mode in e-era|e时代的新课堂

Learn whatonline education is, explore the development trendsof online education, and find waysto solve problems existinginonline education. 全方面地了解在线教育,一起探索在线教育未来的发展趋势,找寻通过在线教育解决现存教育问题的路径。
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The development of online education has brought opportunities and challenges for traditional teaching and learning. Nowadays it’s very important to learn about online education, which can help us study better and more easily. This course focuses on 5 themes: 1.interpreting online education 2.discussing why online education is needed 3.explaining the current status of online education in colleges and universities 4.predicting the future of online education, 5.sharing online education practices and experiences from a large number of excellent teachers 在线教育的发展为传统的教与学提供了机遇和挑战。当今时代了解在线教育能够帮助我们学得更好、更容易。 本课主要讲解一下五个方面的内容: 1.全面解读在线教育 2.探讨为什么要做在线教育 3.详解高校在线教育开展现状 4.展望在线教育的未来 5.通过大量优秀一线教师的实际教学案例进行在线教育实践与经验的分享
New course mode in e-era|e时代的新课堂
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