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The Introduction to MSP Programme Management Principles

Get familiar with the fundamental concepts and terms of MSP programme management!
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The key principles and terminology within the MSP guidance
The difference between projects and programmes
The MSP defined types of programme and their characteristics

In 2013, a company called AXELOS was founded in the UK by the Cabinet Office on behalf of Her Majesty’s Government (HMG) in the United Kingdom and Capita plc. Its primary responsibility is to create, perfect, and promote various solutions that might be helpful in professional environments. These practices include cyber resilience, project, and programme management. 

One of AXELOS’s projects is called Managing Successful Programmes (MSP). It offers a certification scheme of three levels: Foundation, Practitioner, and Advanced Practitioner. With this short yet comprehensive course, you will get to know the fundamental MSP programme management principles and get ready for the Foundation Certification exam!

First of all, what is programme management?

Before you dive into the MSP programme management course, you might ask: what is programme management? To find the answer, you need to understand the difference between a project and a programme. A project is the effort of an individual or a team directed to achieving a specific goal with the deadline and budget determined in advance.

Now, a programme consists of multiple interrelated projects that are all working toward the same basic aim. For example, to introduce a new product into the market, a programme could have projects that take place in product development, marketing, and other departments of the company. While they all have their goals, the aim adds up to the same benefit – making a product accessible to the customer.

Programme management represents managing all the related projects, monitoring their progress, and planning future tasks, as well as aligning them with the mission and strategy of the company. You have to be able to manage the projects, their finances, and infrastructure.

Why choose MSP guidance instead of some other method?

MSP is the most widely adopted programme management methodology in the world. Not only is it a valuable and sought-after skill to put on your resume, but it also lets you understand your role and responsibilities perfectly clearly.

Knowing the MSP programme management principles by heart will allow you to be an informed member of your work environment, as well as start and finish your projects on a high note!

Programme management for dummies

If all this seems somewhat complicated, do not worry: this programme management course is only meant to prepare you for the first level of certification, so it’s very beginner-friendly. In twenty-four short video lessons, our instructors will introduce you to the key MSP programme management principles and terminology.

The topics we will discuss in the lectures include:

  • The types of programmes and management environment
  • The background and terminology of the SMP approach
  • The MSP programme management principles, themes, and structure
  • The transformational flow and its integration

After you’re done with the Foundation qualification, you will understand the main concepts of MSP programme management and be prepared for potential further qualification as an MSP® Programme Management Practitioner. Taking this step would highly improve your career prospects and help your self-confidence in the work environment, as the fundamental MSP programme management principles will turn your daily tasks into a child’s play. Take the course now and find out what it takes to become the best programme manager!

The Introduction to MSP Programme Management Principles
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