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An MQL4 Tutorial That Has It All: MT4 Automated Trading Explained

Get to know Metatrader 4 automated trading in-depth and learn to build trading robots using the MQL4 programming language!
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How to program in MQL4
What indicators and expert advisors are, and how you can use them
How to perform strategy automation
How to eliminate stress when trading stock or currency

While a lot of people view trading as a way to earn some passive income, it’s usually as far from passive as it gets. Trading in stock or currency exchange can potentially be a very lucrative work – however, it requires a ton of time. You need to track the changes in the market very carefully, analyze the tendencies, understand many different factors that affect the rise or fall of a specific value, and still accept the possibility of a risk.

Still, there is one way to have your cake and eat it, too. You can have both free time and profitable investments: the secret to it is MetaTrader 4 automated trading. To dive into it, you need to learn the MQL4 programming language first – and that’s exactly what we’re here to do!

With a thorough MQL4 tutorial prepared for you by Nurudeen Amedu, you will get all the essentials of MT4 automated trading in just four hours. Can you believe your life can turn upside down in one afternoon?

Learn MQL4 programming and get more efficient in analyzing markets!

MQL4 stands for a MetaQuotes Language 4. Based on C++, it is an object-oriented programming language that can be used for MetaTrader 4 automated trading. Automating your strategy is the key to saving time and eliminating stress from the trading process. In this MQL4 tutorial, you will get to know all the fundamental concepts of this language from scratch!

Every aspiring trader will tell you finding a good MQL4 tutorial can be a challenge. As it has a rather specific and narrow area of use, it’s far from being as popular as general-purpose coding languages. Google searches will mainly lead you straight to the MetaTrader website, which barely has any introductory information.

That’s precisely why Nurudeen Amedu created this MQL4 tutorial to help you out with the basic concepts as well as more advanced features of the MQL4 programming language. Nurudeen himself is an expert on coding languages used for financial markets, including but not limited to MQL4, MQL5, Quantopian, and QuantConnect. In this extensive course, he will help you understand everything you need to know to start automated trading!

Get familiar with indicators, expert advisors, and other MT4 automated trading features!

To make sure you don’t start running before we walk, Nurudeen Amedu will begin this MQL4 tutorial with covering the main concepts of the language, such as data types, loops, and other components of the code. Then, you will move onto creating trading robots, adding various functionalities and applying filters to customize it to your needs.

Next, the course will cover building custom indicators and updating their conditions. Nurudeen will explain the hedging strategy in great detail and teach you to work with the trading dashboard to improve your efficiency and speed.

In just four hours, you can get ready to launch your career in either trading yourself or writing software to help other traders! Get to know MQL4 programming now and improve your income the smart way!

An MQL4 Tutorial That Has It All: MT4 Automated Trading Explained
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