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Control Your Finances with Essential Excel Money Management Skills

Learn how to build money management worksheets for adults in Excel and get tips on how to budget money to finally take control over your finances into your hands
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You'll build your own workbook for an effective budgeting
You'll get a better understanding of goal setting and decision making related with money
You'll learn the basics of Microsoft Excel, if you're not familiar with it yet
You'll get a free budgeting template ready to use for money management

If I ask you to show a person who doesn’t need money, there’ll be no one to point a finger to. And we all want more than we have now. And yet Excel money management – for some weird reason – is something which very few people take seriously. If you want more money, you must know how to budget the money you already have. If you can’t handle $1,000, what are the chances that you’ll be doing much better with $10,000? That’s ten times greater responsibility! Luckily, you came to this moeny budgeting course, and you’re about to learn all the things you need to know about money management worksheets for adults for your own purposes.

Wealthy people have money because they manage it

Excel sheets with profit/loss statement have been invented not only to calculate how much taxes a company has to pay. They serve as a tool to keep track of the income and expenditures so that companies can plan their actions accordingly. So that they have clear lists of their long-term/short-term obligations, payments receivable, debts incurred, and all sorts of different things related to the company’s money. So that their bank account doesn’t get dry at the end of each month.

However, personal finances is one area that is a bit of a mystery for a lot of people. Yes, I can understand – numbers isn’t everybody’s thing. But everybody wants bigger numbers on their bank account balance! With this course, you’ll get substantial help with your Excel money management.

Learn how to budget money

The first thing you need to learn for Excel money management is to create a personal budget in Excel and just start managing your finances. You must develop a habit of tracking your income and where the money goes. So in this course, you will learn how to make a budget in Excel. A budget that will be nicely formatted, useful, and dynamic, which is simple to update and then track the flow of your finances.

  • You’ll start with a blank Excel workbook, and then end up with an entire personal budget!
  • You’ll get budgeting tips to make a full 12 months budget from scratch.
  • You’ll review your sources of income and expenses to add them as cash line items.
  • You’ll learn and use simple, effective Excel formulas to calculate totals and check where you are financially.
  • You’ll get tools to make decisions about your money by adding comparative values.
  • You’ll set up a mini profit/loss statement of your finances which will draw you into a useful habit to manage your money.

There’s even more on money management worksheets for adults in this budgeting course waiting for you. You’ll be able to download the Excel workbook templates that we’ll build together in this course. And if there’s anything you’ll be unsure about, I’ll be there to answer all of your questions!

Take control over your finances

No more wondering where has your money gone! Take your finances into your hands. Start with as simple thing as learning how to make a budget in Excel – it’s much easier than you think. Set your intention to manage your money in action, use the budgeting tips, and you’ll get more control over your finances in no time. Do it today!

Control Your Finances with Essential Excel Money Management Skills
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