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The Most Valuable Modern JavaScript Bootcamp

Master the basic and advanced JavaScript concepts and become a job-competent developer in this modern JavaScript tutorial
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Starting from zero, you'll learn the skills necessary for a real-world job
You'll master advanced and tricky JavaScript concepts such as Closures, Execution Contexts, Scope, etc.
You'll fully understand and practice with the modular design pattern and use it to write professional and well structured code
You'll discover in-depth how JavaScript works behind the scenes
You'll learn the latest ES6 features, such as Template literals, Arrow Functions, Classes, etc.

Did you know that JavaScript has been the #1 language for web programming in the last couple decades? And did you know that when you master the basic and advanced JavaScript concepts, you’ll be well equipped for front-end developer positions in the job market? Consider this course on modern JavaScript as a guide that can help you gain those valuable skills. It’s full of clear explanations and practical tasks to equip you with a comprehensive and reliable understanding of advanced JavaScript. Build your potential up by following a professional guide along the way!

Modern JavaScript is everywhere on the Internet

If you’re planning to get into web development, JavaScript is a must-have skill on your toolbelt. It allows building interactive websites, mobile and desktop apps, games. The industry support for modern JavaScript has grown vast, and because it’s lightweight, flexible, and forgiving, it’s an excellent place to start, even if you don’t have prior coding experience. Experienced developers say that JavaScript has become a staple in web development. So if you’re interested in web development, take a modern JavaScript tutorial with no hesitation.

To illustrate the omnipresence of JavaScript around the Internet, I’ll tell you what the big players are using different JavaScript frameworks for in their practice. AngularJS has been used to build websites like PayPal, The Guardian, Freelancer.com, and more. React is another top library used by Facebook, Instagram, and others. Node.js has been trusted by PayPal, Groupon, and many others.

Here’s what you’ll get from this modern JavaScript tutorial

It’s going to be an extended and super detailed course on advanced JavaScript concepts. Here’s what you’re going to gain from this nearly 38 hours course:

  • You’ll get a proper introduction to JavaScript and be guided through its installation process.
  • You’ll cover a great variety of variables and data types.
  • You’ll learn conditional statements and looping concepts, studying loads of practical examples.
  • You’ll play around with a multitude of functions, taking different coding challenges.
  • You’ll grasp the full understanding of objects, completing some activities that will help you see how stuff works in reality, not just in my shared screen.
  • You’ll understand the DOM (Document Object Model) – how to access and remove DOM elements, how to handle events, etc.
  • You’ll learn the essentials of the execution context, hoisting, scope chain.
  • You’ll master trickier JavaScript concepts such as closures, execution contexts, scope, and others.
  • You’ll understand how to use object encapsulation and hiding.
  • You’ll discover how to work with inheritance and prototype chains, and how to implement class augmentation.
  • You’ll learn to sort out object challenges.
  • You’ll get a full understanding of singleton patterns and modular design patterns.
  • You’ll work with advanced JavaScript functions.
  • You’ll create an advanced real-life professional project.
  • You’ll master new data structures, iteration, modern array methods, as well as different JavaScript classes.
  • I’ll share the latest features of JavaScript that will make your coding experience easier and more efficient.
Cover all the necessary ground to become a job-ready JavaScript developer

By completing this course, you’ll add a professional piece of work into your portfolio. Make use of clear and to the point explanations, as well as loads of practical examples and activities. You’ll learn right from the ground up, with no steps skipped. Build your competence up smoothly and steadily. Enroll in this modern JavaScript course and start learning by doing!

The Most Valuable Modern JavaScript Bootcamp
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