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Microsoft SQL Server Tutorial: Learn to Store and Manipulate Your Data

Learn the fundamentals of data-managing and Microsoft SQL Server training
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How to set up a database server
Basic SQL queries and commands
How a relational database works

We all should realize how important it is to manage data online. With so many attacks from hackers, security becomes one of the main concerns for the online community. Additionally, the controllers of data prefer to have their data laid out in a way that is easy to track, update, and remove if necessary. This Microsoft SQL Server tutorial introduces a system for keeping data safe and well-organized. 

What is the Microsoft SQL Server 2017?

Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDMS for short). The main purpose of this system is to allow users to access, retrieve, delete, or upgrade data. In this Microsoft SQL Server training, I review the SQL Server 2017 and specify the main advantages of using this version. For instance, this version offers efficient memory performance, faster transactions, high-level security to protect your data, and Advanced Analytics for a more comprehensive analysis.

This Microsoft SQL Server tutorial also reviews the main feature of relational databases: relationships. What does this mean? Basically, the structure of a relational database usually depicts how one piece of data is related to another one. In my lessons, I will explain the purposes that these relations serve, and how useful it is to complete Microsoft SQL Server training. 

What will you find in this course? 

In this Microsoft SQL server tutorial, I will start from the very basics, so you can learn SQL Server fundamentals before you get into the details of how to use Microsoft SQL Server. First of all, I will explain what can be regarded as data in general. For instance, your name and last name are pieces of information that a server can store. If data is organized systematically, it becomes a database. For their management, SQL servers are one of the leading tools. They allow people to manipulate data. For instance, they can retrieve information, play around with the representation, and manage the permissions for accessing data. 

All of these principles are covered in the first lectures of this Microsoft SQL Server tutorial. Therefore, you will learn SQL Server's terminology before we get to more complicated concepts. After that, you will learn how to download and install SQL Server 2017. 

The next lesson will focus on teaching you how to use Microsoft SQL Server. The basic action is to create a database or connect to a database instance. Furthermore, there are various other activities that you can perform in the server. One of the possibilities is building database tables. I will show you how you can insert data into tables with SQL Script or with Management Studio. 

Many activities in this Microsoft SQL server tutorial relate to the management of tables. For instance, I will teach the potential methods for selecting data from tables. Additionally, I take a look at the ways to update data in your tables. 

If some information is no longer necessary or relevant, you can also easily remove certain information from the table. Furthermore, there are usually multiple ways of doing something. Therefore, to learn how to use Microsoft SQL Server effectively, you need to know the best option for completing a certain task. 

Microsoft SQL Server Tutorial: Learn to Store and Manipulate Your Data
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