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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Preparation: Part 4

Learn to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Rules, Workflows & Business Process Flows and prepare for MB2-716 Certification.
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Learn Each Point in Detail of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization & Configuration (Business Rules, Workflows, And Business Process Flows - Part 4 of MB2-716)
Learn the Material for MB2-716 Certification (Part 4/4) with Videos and Practical Tasks
Be Able to Study from Preparation Notes from This Course and Pass the MB2-716 Certification
Be Comfortable Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Rules, Workflows, And Business Process Flows

Are you a busy person and want to take the course which will bring more than one benefit to you? Do you feel that it's finally time to get more experience and acquire new skills? Maybe you consider taking your work to the next level? If your answer is yes, then welcome, this course will teach you Microsoft Dynamics 365 business rules, workflows, and BPF. But that is only one part of it. You will also have an excellent opportunity to prepare for the MB2-716 exam. Note that if you are here because of the certification, this is part 4 of it. That is why, if you haven't enrolled yet, take part 1, part 2 and part 3 first. Do so to make sure everything is clear, and you don't get lost along the way. You will be surprised how much one course can give you. 

Why is it beneficial?

In this course, you will learn several new skills. Understanding how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is already a considerable advantage because it works as a tool to improve customer experience, field service management, PSA helps in sales force automation, financial, and operations management. In general, learning Dynamics 365, business process flow helps. So, you will not only understand how it works, but you will also prepare for the MB2-716 certification, as this is part 4 of preparation for this exam.

Let me tell you what you will be able to perform after this course. After the Microsoft Dynamics tutorial, you will understand each of the topics in detail, including Dynamics 365 business rules, workflows, and business process flows. Dynamics 365 business process flow is aimed to guide users through a business process in the system. It is the representation of your business processes. Business rules allow more difficult logic to be achieved without a code.

Get the best experience

Do you keep questioning each course? Afraid to choose incorrectly? Well, with this course you can never go wrong. The instructor of this course is Abhay Sharma; he has lots of knowledge in this field. He has magnificent project management experience and trainer certification at Microsoft. Impressive, right? Abhay Sharma already lectured thousands of professionals from different places all around the world. So, he is experienced enough to provide you with the best material. You can become one of the specialists as well - deepen your knowledge in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This course is voluminous. Dynamics 365 training consists of 6 sections; each of them includes several lessons that will be highly beneficial. Let me introduce you to the material you will be learning in this Microsoft Dynamics tutorial. If you are a consultant or want to become one, then this course will help you to understand valuable things. You will begin this tutorial with Dynamics 365 business rules; then, you will learn to manage the Dynamics 365 workflow, dialogs, and custom actions. Moreover, you will learn to manage the Dynamics 364 business process flows. Lots of things you still need to master, right? 

No more questioning - this course will give you everything you wish for. Enroll now and get the set of your brand new skills!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Certification Preparation: Part 4
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