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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training: Part 3 of Certification Preparation

Learn to manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions, Forms, Views, and Visualizations, and prepare for MB2-716 Certification.
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Learn Each Point in Detail of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization & Configuration (Solutions, Forms, Views, And Visualizations - Part 3 of MB2-716)
Learn the Material for MB2-716 Certification (Part 3/4) with Videos and Practical Tasks
Be Able to Study from Preparation Notes from This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training and Pass the MB2-716 Certification
Be Comfortable Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions, Forms, Views, And Visualizations

Do you want to take a course that is beneficial to you, not in one but few different ways? Do you want to gain valuable experience and learn to use Microsoft Dynamics 365? If yes, you came to the right place. This course is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to manage Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solutions, Forms, Views, and Visualizations. But that is only the first part. In this course, you will also prepare for Mb2-716 certification. This training is the part 3 of Microsoft Dynamics 365 training courses, it includes 20-25% of exam information, which is provided based on the official Mb2-716 exam layout. If you are preparing for the exam and haven’t taken part 1 and part 2 of the exam preparation yet, then you should do that so that you would be able to go along with each of the further topics.

Is it worth it?

You shouldn’t be asking yourself that question: of course, it is. This Microsoft Dynamics tutorial will teach you the most relevant skills. Have you heard that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the cloud-based Enterprise Business Solution that has lots of benefits such as improving customer experience, field service management, PSA, it helps in sales force automation, and in financial and operations management? If not, you know it now. Furthermore, with the help of this course, you will prepare for MB2-716 certification because it covers about 20-25% of the exam curriculum.

After this course, you will understand each of the topics - solutions, forms, views, visualizations, in details, and be able to take the last part of the exam preparation. Videos and practical tasks will help you to prepare for the MB2-716 exam, and study notes from this course will be highly helpful to prepare and repeat the information you have already learned. Moreover, you will feel confident in using Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions, forms, views, visualizations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 training will award you with a massive chance of passing the exam.

What to expect?

This course is voluminous. Microsoft Dynamics 365 training consists of 6 sections; each of them includes several lessons that will be highly beneficial. Let me introduce you to the material you will be learning in this Microsoft dynamics tutorial. First of all, you will create and manage Microsoft Solution. After that, you will learn to customize Microsoft Dynamics 365 forms, then to implement views and visualizations. Finally, you will find out everything you need to know about configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 for mobile devices.

Do you keep asking yourself whether this is the course that will give me the best knowledge? I can tell you that it is. Abhay Sharma is the instructor of this course and very experienced in his field. He has a magnificent project management experience, and he is a certified trainer at Microsoft. Abhay Sharma lectured thousands of specialists from all around the world already. That is why, from him, you will get only the most valuable knowledge and the best material. Maybe you will become a specialist in this field as well - who knows.

So take this course, take a look at my other Microsoft Dynamics 365 training courses and enjoy new valuable skills and knowledge gained from the fantastic instructor! There’s nothing else to wait for!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training: Part 3 of Certification Preparation
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