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Simulation of Power Electronics Converters with MATLAB Tutorial

MATLAB Tutorial with free simulation files of all converters
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You'll get skills to develop basic MATLAB simulation models
You'll learn to develop a simulation model of electrical circuits
You'll develop a simulation model of power electronics converters
You'll learn ways to improve analysis, formatting and result reporting
You'll get more than 25 ready MATLAB simulation files + Project DC/DC Converter for Electric Vehicle

So, the time has come for you to learn how to simulate and analyze power electronics converters? Good. I’m glad to welcome you to this course, because we’re going to focus precisely on this topic with the help of MATLAB software. This MATLAB tutorial will be beneficial to anyone who wants to work in power electronics-based projects, also for students who are diving into this interesting field and want to build a career in power electronics. Get the understanding of developing basic simulation models of electrical circuits or how to develop a simulation model of power electronics converters. Get theory, practice, and more than 25 ready MATLAB simulation files to get you onboard with confidence!

Start your journey with this MATLAB tutorial

When you design a digital controller with simulation, you can ensure better stability, bring power quality up, get the dynamic performance-optimized, and handle fault conditions. With power electronics simulations, you get the chance to generate insights into how digital control algorithms, power semiconductors interact. Also, before starting hardware testings, you may have a feeling of the balance of the electrical system in the early stage of development. If these aspects are something you want to improve at, you’ve come to the right place, and let this MATLAB tutorial be your guide from the ground up.

Here, you’ll work to understand how to create a simulation model for power converters using MATLAB software. I’ve done my best in making the methodology of this course easy to understand, explaining every bit of detail about each simulation and parameter settings.

Course benefits

  • This MATLAB tutorial will start with simulations and power electronics basics. You’ll learn, first of all, what is power electronics and the general idea of simulation models with MATLAB.
  • You will then be ready to create MATLAB simulations of DC/DC converters (buck, boost, and buck-boost converters), ending up with your project on 72V to 12V converter for EV.
  • In the next section, you’ll learn about the simulation & analysis of DC/AC converters.
  • The fourth main part of this MATLAB tutorial will be dealing with AC/DC converters.
  • And we’ll finish off with simulation & analysis of AC regulator, integral cycle AC controller and AC chopper.

After covering those topics, you’ll get an understanding of the importance of power electronics, benefits and limitations of simulation. You’ll study Simulink and MATLAB Simpowersystem/simscape library. You’ll build confidence in setting power system circuit and control circuit parameters and components, and you’ll be able to apply what you learn in a project-based learning environment. You’ll even learn how to use your simulation results for research paper publications!

To get the most of this course, it would be best if you already have basic knowledge of electric circuits and its components (resistor, inductor and capacitor). Also, a basic understanding of electronic converters is required.

Make use of this practical course!

Prepare for nearly 5 hours of effective drills on power electronics basics MATLAB simulations so that you’ll never again need to wonder how to create a simulation model. As an additional perk, 25 MATLAB simulation files will be at your disposal, so don’t miss the opportunity to learn quickly and effectively.

Simulation of Power Electronics Converters with MATLAB Tutorial
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