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Mastering Nmap: a Powerful Tool for Penetration Testing

The best tool out there for penetration Testers
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You will be able to use nmap very efficiently

Nmap is the most powerful information gathering tool. It has many advanced features. This is a very popular tools among hackers, network admins and pentester.

If you want to be a successful network admin then you have to expertise the nmap because it help network admins to do pentest the network and patch some of the vulnerability and if you don't know how to use nmap then your network maybe in jeopardize.


Nmap features include:

Host discovery – Identifying hosts on a network. For example, listing the hosts that respond to TCP and/or ICMP requests or have a particular port open.
Port scanning  – Enumerating the open ports on target hosts.
Version detection – Interrogating network services on remote devices to determine application name and version number.
OS detection – Determining the operating system and hardware characteristics of network devices.
Scriptable interaction with the target – using Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE) and Lua programming language.
Nmap can provide further information on targets, including reverse DNS names, device types, and MAC addresses.

Typical uses of Nmap:

Auditing the security of a device or firewall by identifying the network connections which can be made to, or through it.
Identifying open ports on a target host in preparation for auditing.
Network inventory, network mapping, maintenance and asset management.
Auditing the security of a network by identifying new servers.
Generating traffic to hosts on a network, response analysis and response time measurement.
Finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in a network.
DNS queries and subdomain search

Vulnerability Scanning

In this course I will covering most of the nmap topics( all those things which you are gonna need). By taking this course you will be able to use nmap very efficiently in penetration testing and bug bounty.

So instead of reading this enroll in this course and start diving in the world of nmap

Mastering Nmap: a Powerful Tool for Penetration Testing
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