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Managing the Service Environment

Managing the Service Environment
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What is meant by Service Environment
Roles of the Servicescape
Characteristics of Good Service Environment Design
Organizations Based on Servicescape
Spatial Layouts & Functionality

The ‘Service Environment’ includes all aspects of the organization’s physical facility or tangible aspects. It is also known as ‘Servicescape’. It includes other tangible aspects of tangible communication. ‘Service Environment’ is also used for measuring the services provided and the service experience of the consumers. Servicescape is often used as a positioning tool for service organizations. oIn such service companies, the customers have to self-serve themselves. In such companies, the customers are willing to self-serve to save money. 

In such service companies, the customers are offered limited service rather than a completely self-serving mode.
Such service companies are such as discount stores, some gas filling stations etc.  In such service companies, there are many salespeople available to assist and guide the customers in every aspect of service experience.  Such service companies are such as high-end spas, hotels etc.

The store must offer a positive ambience to the customers for them to enjoy their shopping and leave with a smile.
Let us take a look at a few key points that needs to be considered for offering a pleasing and ambient atmosphere to your customers.

•A few key points that need to be considered are:
oThe store should not have a cluttered look.
oThe services offered should be properly displayed with brochures, catalogs etc.
oThere should be no foul smell in the store as it irritates the customers.
oThe floor, ceiling, carpet, walls and even the mannequins should not have dust or unwanted spots.

Never dump unnecessary packing boxes, hangers or clothes in the services room. Keep it empty and clean.
Furniture should not have unwanted stains or dust marks as they lose appeal and fail to impress the customers.
Make sure the customers are well attended.
Don’t allow customers to carry eatables inside the store. 

It is important that the store has adequate safety and security arrangements to prevent shoplifting.

Do not allow customers to carry bags in and out of areas that stock material to be used in the services such as aromatic oils etc used in a massage.

Managing the Service Environment
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