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Managing Success and Failure

Managing Success and Failure
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Relation between Fears and Failures
Relation between Desires and Success
Steps to Identify Root Cause of Emotions
Role of Internal Beliefs in Success/Failures
Tips to Manage Your Success and Failure

One has to understand that just being successful is not enough. You should know how to manage your success too or else things could go downhill for you.  When you learn to identify your fears and desires, you will be able to identify your strong reactions that are based on these fears and desires. Hence, if you learn to control your fears and desires, you will in turn ultimately learn to control your strong reactions to situations that arouse feelings of fear or desire in you. So, in turn you will learn to deal with and manage your successes and failures.  Positive motivation harnesses the power of positive thoughts and feelings to move you closer to your goal.  Whereas, negative motivation is associated with low self esteem and takes you away from your goals.

It is important that in order to manage your success and failures, you should understand yourself better. In order to understand yourself and to increase your self-awareness, you should learn to identify the root cause of all your emotions. So, whether you are happy, sad, distressed, anxious, elated etc., you should always know where these emotions are related to your success or failures are stemming from. When you understand the root cause of your emotions, you will know what makes you happy, sad, angry, depressed etc. when you are faced with success or failure. By becoming more self-aware, you will then be able to control these emotions by keeping a check on the triggers that cause these emotions. 

The next important step in finding the root cause of your emotions is to ‘tag your emotions’. So, you should learn to label each of your emotions.  When you ‘label’ or ‘tag’ your emotion, you will be able to differentiate between each of them in terms of the kind of feelings you felt, the intensity of the feelings, time span of the emotion, the kind of behavior you display for that particular emotion etc.

Managing Success and Failure
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