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Making a Game in Unity: a 3D Galaga Shooter

Find out how to make a game in Unity: a complete Galaga shooter game tutorial
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How to create quadratic bezier curves to move enemy ships on
How to create a state machine for the enemies to make decisions
How to create a moving formation to put enemy ships in
How variables, arrays, lists, loops, and other C# components work

Whenever we really enjoy something, we like getting to know the thing as deep as we can. No wonder a lot of passionate gamers have looked into game development, be it as a fun hobby or a professional career. While it’s true that colossal industry hits like Pokémon Go do require huge teams and years of development before they can be released, there are tons of simple games you can write on your own.

In this Unity 3D tutorial, I will explain how to make a game in Unity, which is one of the most popular game-making engines in the world. It is perfect for a beginner, as the software can be downloaded for personal use completely free of charge. Making a game in Unity requires using C#, and I will guide you in every step to make sure you get each and every concept necessary.

Why choose Unity?

Making a game in Unity is an excellent option for someone taking their first steps in game development. You can download and use it for free in Windows or macOS. The most current version is 2019.2.14, but you will be able to use the knowledge you gain with this Unity game tutorial using any version starting from Unity 4.6.

The program allows making both 2D and 3D games and is renowned for supporting almost thirty platforms! This might not seem that important to you now, but you will definitely appreciate it if you decide to go the professional road! Your first try at making a game in Unity might just get you hooked…

Introducing Galaga

In my Unity game tutorial, I will teach you to create a simple space shooter game called Galaga. In over ten hours of video lectures, you will see the process of making a game in Unity explained step by step.

We will create a typical formation of the ships, form paths for them to fly on, randomize their movements, and create the player actions. We will also be working on the visuals, such as the start and end scenes. I will teach you to manage the systems and make them multifunctional, so you get the highest functionality with fewer code lines!

What you’re getting

As this is an intermediate course, I will be supplying a few components necessary for making a game in Unity. Along with the educational Unity 3D tutorial, you’ll receive four different space ships (one player and three enemies) as *.fbx files and two textures (for a star and a cloud) as *.png files. You will need to create the rest of the graphics (e.g., buttons or icons) yourself.

Naturally, I do not provide any final scripts, as the purpose of the course is to teach you how to make a game in Unity and not provide you with a final product. The materials I do include in the course are only for educational purposes as well: you should not use them in your final release.

By the end of my Unity game tutorial, you will have a finished and working game written by none other than yourself! How great is that?

Making a Game in Unity: a 3D Galaga Shooter
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