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Smartphone Video Editing For Beginners - iOS & Android

Mobile Video Editing Course— Editing Mobile Video Step-by-step. Complete Mobile Video Editing Class with Robb Montgomery
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How to edit videos like a pro on your iPhone or Android (ZERO experience required!)
How to master the fundamentals of smartphone video storytelling
The essential smartphone camera settings for better videos
The best FREE apps for taking your smartphone videos to the next level
The affordable must-have gear for smartphone video production

Ready to take your smartphone videos to the next level? Learn how to create professional-looking videos on your iPhone or Android — ZERO experience or technical know-how required.

Whether you’re creating content for YouTube, Instagram, your website, or another platform… this best-selling Udemy course will quickly and easily teach you best practices for producing, shooting, and editing videos on your smartphone — so you can create compelling mobile video content WITHOUT all the time and frustration that typically comes along with learning this highly in-demand skill.

Pro filmmaker and journalism instructor Robb Montgomery has won awards at 21 international film festivals with his documentaries shot on an iPhone 6S+ — and now he’s sharing his decades of experience and knowledge with you in this best-selling Udemy course.

"This course by Robb Montgomery is packed with rich content and information on how to create videos. Each lecture provided instructional materials and tools to help you make video production easy. This is a course not to be missed. "

— Jane Lee 

Whether you’re a total newbie to smartphone videos, are looking to brush up your video storytelling skills, or want to learn advanced multi-track video editing techniques, this course is for you. Through real-world examples, you’ll learn how to create captivating video stories with just your iPhone (or Android) without getting bogged down in tons of technical details.

This comprehensive course contains 85 informative lectures, 4.5 hours of video instruction, and 10 interactive projects and video exercises, case studies, and behind-the-scenes tutorials to build your video storytelling skills from scratch. After completing this course, you’ll know how to:

  • Film and edit video on your smartphone

  • Make short films and documentaries

  • Plan and produce short-form video

  • Turn your phone into a pro video camera

  • Substantially increase the quality of your mobile videos

...WITHOUT spending months (or even years) learning through trial and error, spending thousands of dollars on fancy equipment, or outsourcing your video projects to highly-paid professionals.

This best-selling course has been updated for 2021 with all the latest iPhone and Android features — but if you’re worried you need to shell out big bucks for the latest smartphone model, don’t be! You’ll see humble older-model iPhones and Samsung smartphones used throughout this course. Robb wants every student to understand that “the music is not in the violin.” Once you learn his basic fundamentals of video storytelling and mobile video editing, you’ll be able to make incredible videos with ANY smartphone — WITHOUT upgrading to the newest model every year.

But don’t take it from us… read what thousands of satisfied students are saying:

"Once I started the course, I could not quit until I had completed it. Each segment was interesting, informative, creatively presented and edited with precision. I loved the course and learned a lot from it."

— Randy Hendricks 

"Robb's teaching style is very engaging and he does a great job of presenting the material in an easy-to-learn manner."

— Daniel Clifton 

“Thoroughly informative and very enjoyable. Answered the many questions that I had. I would highly recommend this course to anyone starting out.”

— Mike Hardley 

This course comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied, you’ll receive a full refund. What do you really have to lose? Enroll now and get on the fast track to learning how to produce, shoot, and edit video on your iPhone or Android.

Smartphone Video Editing For Beginners - iOS & Android
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