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Magento 2 Tutorial: Launch a Successful Business on Magento 2 Platform

Learn how to start an online store in this Magento 2 tutorial and propel your business to success
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You'll learn to build your own Magento 2 eCommerce website
You'll set up and launch your eShop and start earning money
You'll see how you can customize your store with new theme and various extensions

Magento 2 has such a performance, scalability and checkout process that makes it super easy to buy from you. Whoever wants to learn how to start an online store quickly, easily and effectively can choose Magento 2. As a software manager for over 8 years, I’ve collected a lot of hands-on experience, and I’ll transfer only the best of my knowledge to you. My goal with this Magento 2 tutorial is to assist you in launching your e-commerce business successfully!

What motivates you to look for a Magento 2 tutorial?

When it comes to solutions for starting an online store, Magento has become one of the most popular options. It’s attractive for the variety of extensions available out-of-the-box which allow you to build a full-featured website with minimal effort. The main reasons to opt for Magento 2 among all other eCommerce platforms are these three:

  • It runs fast. What does it mean to you as an online store owner? It means that pages of the site will be downloaded fast. Your website will be more optimized for sales and search engines.
  • Simplified process of completing a purchase. There’s nothing more horrible than complicated multi-step check out when you want to buy your monthly supply of dog’s food. Magento 2 allows you to require fewer steps and less information from your users.
  • Simplified admin panel. You can customize it for each user. The goods you’re selling will be added fast, letting you do simple drag and drops for changing the layout. Which is excellent news to inexperienced users coming to a Magento tutorial for the first time.
What’s in the curriculum of this Magento 2 tutorial?

This course on starting an online store with Magento is divided into 3 big sections. They will guide you from a complete beginner to someone who can build an online store and start dealing online.

  • Yes, you’re right: in Section 1, you’re going to learn installation and configuration of Magento 2. You’ll get all things explained about how to select web hosting, how to install Magento 2 with Cloudways, how to get things sorted with pointing domain to your new server, and other necessary things.
  • In Section 2, you will extensively study Magento 2 core functionality. You’ll see examples and explanations about how to create your store hierarchy, display data in a convenient way, how to group products, create bundles, process upsells and many, many other useful things. You’ll examine everything from how your store will function to marketing stuff.
  • Section 3 of this Magento tutorial is all about tuning-up and tweaking Magento 2 to best serve your purposes. You’ll learn, for example, to use Magento Marketplace which will enable you to install various extensions and templates.
A user-oriented Magento 2 tutorial

I created a course that will help you to learn how to use Magento and start an online store very quickly and with all the functionality that you need. This Magento 2 tutorial will be beneficial to merchants, marketing managers, and other users with admin rights at setting up and managing a Magento 2 online store. Sign up to get the benefits from these informative and practical Magento training videos!

Magento 2 Tutorial: Launch a Successful Business on Magento 2 Platform
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