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Local Advertising: Top 7 Local Marketing Strategies for Obtaining Publicity

A Local Advertising Course to Help You Spread the Word About Your Business, Your Non-Profit Cause or Yourself!
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How to get attention about your cause in the local community
How to create and implement a realistic plan for local publicity
Why local publicity matters
Local marketing strategies to try for yourself

In just one hour, learn how to obtain publicity for your local business, non-profit, activist cause or yourself in this local advertising course.  This is a practical, no-fluff video course that includes sample materials to show you what media folks hope to see from you. If you have ever wondered how to promote your business locally or hot to get publicity for yourself or your non-profit cause, you will learn all the tricks here.

In This Local Business Advertising Course You Will Learn

In this local advertising course, you'll get acquainted with a lot of publicity ideas and methods on how to get publicity. You will learn:

  • The benefits of publicity
  • The top 7 strategies for obtaining publicity
  • How to write a press release or pitch letter
  • How to pitch by phone
  • Tactics that bypass the media and get you directly in front of your target Audience
  • Key publicity blunders to avoid
  • Local marketing strategies
Become the Talk of the Town!

When you serve a defined geographical town, city or region, getting publicity through local advertising in that area is not difficult.  Discover the local marketing strategies to approach traditional media (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV) as well as new media (local blogs, other social media and "influencers"), since that could lead to free publicity opportunities.

Spreading the word about your cause or obtaining the techniques - which are neither obvious nor common sense -  for obtaining no-cost business publicity is not easy.  Learn what you to do and what not do to achieve visibility, credibility, and outreach to potential customers and clients in your neck of the woods. Learn how to promote your business locally! Learn how to make yourself known.

Local Advertising Strategies From Experience

The course instructor, Marcia Yudkin, is the author of two books on publicity.  She has received local, national and even international publicity for herself and has helped dozens of local-business clients get into the news.  In the opposite role, when she wrote for magazines and hosted teleseminar courses, she interviewed more than a thousand publicity seekers over the years. So it's fair to say she knows this business inside and out and she knows how to get publicity.

Supplementary materials for the local business advertising course include a sample press release, sample pitch letter, a sample five-month publicity plan and more than a hundred proven ideas for becoming newsworthy. They will provide you with useful publicity ideas and will teach you how to how to obtain publicity for your local cause, be it a business venture or a non-profit.

So if you are a beginner and you have no idea how to promote your cause, this course is just for you. However, even if you have done some (for example) business publicity before, these local marketing straties will help you look at it from another angle.

If you're holding back out of shyness or a "who, me?" feeling of inadequacy -- don't.  Your local media need you to fill their pages and airtime! No matter what you are doing, you need to know how to spread the word about yourself, so this local business advertising course is just for you.

Local Advertising: Top 7 Local Marketing Strategies for Obtaining Publicity
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