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Learn Linux Shell Scripting: Improve Your Skills in Only 33 min

Get up to speed with Linux shell scripting quickly in this short shell scripting course
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Learn How to Write a Shell Script

If you're a programmer, you're probably aware that there are certain skills that can help you either get a promotion at your job or simply improve your programming experience overall. On top of these skills, there's something that is known as shell scripting and bash programming. In this quick shell scripting course, I’d like to teach you all about Linux shell scripting, so that you could improve your chances of nailing that promotion as soon as possible.

Why Learn Linux Shell Scripting?

If you've never encountered the term before, you might wonder - what is shell scripting? Well, to put it very simply (at least for the time being), let’s just say that it’s a way of issuing commands to the Unix engine via a typable text. It’s a program that’s specifically designed for the Unix engine. Another popular term -bash programming- is a well-known replacement to the “OG” version of Bourne programming. So, with all of that said, why should you learn Linux shell scripting?

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, people have many different reasons for why they want to learn shell scripting online. The most obvious reason is, naturally, a job promotion. If you’re working as a programmer at an IT company (or any other company that uses the Unix engine), learning Linux shell scripting might even be a necessity, rather than a choice. However, as soon as you understand what is shell scripting and how to write a shell script, you can perfect your skills and increase your chances of becoming a Unix engine pro.

Why Take This Linux Shell Scripting Course?

In this short mini-course, I’d like to teach you the essentials of Linux shell scripting and how to write a shell script. You will be able to learn about the most commonly encounterable problems and issues that shell scriptors face, and how to deal with them. Furthermore, I will teach you a technique that will allow you to easily understand and write even the most difficult of scripts out there.

A lot of other courses that claim you will easily learn Linux shell scripting and bash programming tend to circle around one area for hours on end. This does extend the course time, making it very unproductive and, a lot of the time, really dull. In this course, however, you will find that there is no stalling - we’ll go straight to the main points and talk about only the important stuff.

Who Can Take the Shell Scripting Course?

If you’re in any way, shape or form interested in Unix-based programming, and want to expand your skillset with an essential skill - you’ll love this course. The shell scripting course itself has to predefined requirements - even if you’re completely new to learning Linux shell scripting and everything that revolves around it, you can still jump right on in and learn something new.

Whether it be for a promotion at a job or to impress your colleagues with your new, profound knowledge - learning Linux shell scripting is a must when it comes to constantly developing and advancing your IT-related skills. Don’t hesitate - jump in and learn shell scripting online today!

Learn Linux Shell Scripting: Improve Your Skills in Only 33 min
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