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Keeping Your Server Safe: The Complete Linux Security Tutorial

Learn how to secure a Linux server and protect yourself from cyberattacks in under an hour!
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How to secure a Linux server
How to configure a firewall (UFW)
How to detect network intrusions and ban attackers
How to audit your system and 2FA

What is the most important topic in the IT field? The answer has changed multiple times since the beginning of the computer era. In the XXI century, it is definitely security. With so much valuable information now kept in virtual databases and servers, it’s no wonder the cyberattacks continue growing more frequent and result in more significant losses every year. Personal, financial, and other kinds of information must be handled discreetly and with utmost security.

Servers located in the cloud are attacked particularly often. In this Linux security tutorial, you will find out how to secure a Linux server and prevent thousands of attacks from various countries from happening every day.

The best way to learn: Linux security training with an expert

Linux security tutorial has been brought to you by Frank Anemaet – a software and security expert. Since receiving a master’s degree with the highest honors from the Leiden University in the Netherlands, he has:

  • Coded in pretty much every programming language known to men
  • Created globally used software products
  • Developed web, mobile, and embedded systems
  • Worked for clients worldwide, including companies on the Fortune500 list
  • Won first prizes in international competitions, including the Pentest Security Competition in Massachusetts in 2014

In eighteen steps of this Linux security tutorial, Frank will explain how to secure a Linux server and personally guide you through every step of the process. In a short period of time, you will learn everything you need to know, including all the practical tips and tricks only a professional developer can share!

Among the other topics covered in the course, you will learn:

  • How to prevent hacking attempts before they can do any harm
  • How to prevent malware from entering the system
  • How to identify intrusions by performing timely audits
  • How to use keys (both public and private)
Learn Linux security in-depth without wasting time!

A lot of Linux security tutorials boast about having hours and hours of material. However, as soon as you start learning from them, you notice a lot of that time is going to go to waste. Volume isn’t valuable by itself. On the contrary – a great lecturer respects your time and is able to convey the most critical information in a quick and efficient manner.

Frank Anemaet manages to explain all the important ideas and steps crucial for Linux security training in just under an hour of video lectures. In addition to that, you’re getting text files with notes that you can analyze at your own pace. With lifetime access to the Linux security tutorial, you are welcome to refresh your knowledge anytime without wasting hours upon hours too!

The step-by-step guide can be followed with any version of Linux. However, it’s virtually impossible to track each and every peculiarity. For the best results, Frank recommends you to use Ubuntu Linux or Debian Linux. There are no other requirements for taking this course – come and learn how to secure a Linux server on the cloud now!

Keeping Your Server Safe: The Complete Linux Security Tutorial
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