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Linux Fundamentals Part I (From A to Z)

Become Linux Professional
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1. Linux Overview and Installation
2. Linux System Commands
3. Linux Hardware Commands
4. Linux File Commands
5. Linux Text Editors

Dear friends,
In this course, you'll see categorized Linux commands and you'll learn basic Linux commands comprehensively, especially how do they work with files and directories. To understand each Linux commands deeply, I made a video of each Linux command.

Dear friends,
When I started learning Linux, one of my goals was to learn and then to share what I had learned with others in the way of my understanding and thus a video course I've made on Udemy. In this course, I have delved into the depths and subtleties of each Linux command as well as I could. I do recommend not to hesitate to start to learn and don't be satisfied with any videos in a way you watch, try to practice by yourself to memorize the functionality of Linux commands and get some notes from the lecture you've watched.

Dear friends,
This video is the first part, and the second part will be surrounded by more lectures than this one because I do want your feedback on the first one if you liked, then it'll motivate me to make the second one with great pleasure. In the second part of the course, we'll learn about users and groups, network configurations and security, managing permissions, managing storage, LVM, partitioning, disk management, managing processes, package installations with yum and dnf, working with firewalld, iptables, systemd, managing selinux, managing http services, managing remote connections, shell scripting, automation, building up Linux server and troubleshooting with Linux, Windows server and clients, redirection, piping and other useful, necessary materials comprehensively.

Dear friends,
I wish you the best of luck, good learnings, practice, and hopefully, we'll meet very soon. Thank you!

Linux Fundamentals Part I (From A to Z)
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