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Start Learning CodeIgniter: From the Basics to Creation of Websites

Learn the main principles of the lightweight and fast CodeIgniter to create websites
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How MVC works in CodeIgniter
How to use the built-in libraries and helpers
How to create websites by using CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is a PHP framework for speeding up web development processes. The framework is open-source and supports the so-called MVC (Model-View-Controller) model. In this course on learning CodeIgniter, we will be taking a look at the MVC and its advantages for web development. In short, it lets you divide your code into separate parts that contain code for different purposes. 

For this CodeIgniter tutorial, you should have some prior knowledge about HTML, CSS, and PHP. I will help you set everything up and prepare for using the framework. In the last section of this course, we will start working on a specific project. More specifically, we will be aiming to build an e-commerce project. 

What is CodeIgniter? 

The first step of learning CodeIgniter is to start with the definition and purpose of this framework. It is open-source and provides useful libraries for performing a multitude of operations. One of the main advantages is its small footprint, which means that web applications created with CodeIgniter can be faster. 

Additionally, if you decide to learn Codeigniter, you should know that the framework has well-written documentation that goes over the installation process and other main features. 

MVC Principles

Before we start going over the material in this CodeIgniter tutorial, we should focus on the MVC pattern. You might have heard that this model aims to separate different concerns of web applications, meaning that your code will be organized according to its purpose. First of all, let’s review the three functional parts that make the MVC model: 

  • Model: the division that manages your database, and implements computations. 
  • View: the part that controls the way your web application is presented. 
  • Controller: it is responsible for establishing connections between the view and the model. For instance, the controller will transfer requests to the model. Once the model handles such requests, the view presents the results. 

What are the advantages of these separate parts? Well, if you are working with multiple people on the same project, back-end programmers can deal with the model, while front-end developers work on the view. Therefore, knowing how MVC works is important when learning CodeIgniter. You need to be familiar with the way you will be required to create your web application.

What will you find in this course? 

First of all, for learning CodeIgniter, you should have a code editor to work on. In this CodeIgniter tutorial, I will be using PHPStorm, but you might choose any software application available. 

In the first sections, I will be discussing the principles of how to use CodeIgniter. I will start by downloading and setting the project and creating a database. Additionally, I will go over the libraries that are offered with this framework. All of these explanations will have a clear purpose: to create our own e-commerce project that will strongly emphasize the usefulness of CodeIgniter. 

The last section will go over the steps that you need to take to create an e-commerce website. By nature, CodeIgniter can help you build various types of sites such as blogs or news portals. However, in this case, we are choosing one of the most dominant types. 

In this course on learning CodeIgniter, we will look at the way to add templates for an admin panel, checking credentials, creating relations using dataGrid, generating categories, and various other features! Additionally, we will dedicate several lessons to Ajax used for making the websites interactive. Join me in this course, and together, we will learn how to use CodeIgniter to build an e-commerce website!

Start Learning CodeIgniter: From the Basics to Creation of Websites
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