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Learn WordPress Development to Create Custom Themes For Yourself and Your Clients!

This is an in-depth Wordpress tutorial for developers to learn Wordpress development with confidence.
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You'll learn to set up a Wordpress website on a local development server
You'll learn how to include the CSS and script files in the theme correctly
You'll get the tools to customize any page and create custom page templates
You'll learn about targeting CSS styles in your Wordpress theme
And More!

What if you could build a Wordpress theme based on your needs or the needs of your client? If you use Wordpress, I can imagine that you should be tired of having to choose the same off the rack themes. If you’ve just begun working with Wordpress, you should soon experience that feeling. So, if you want to learn Wordpress development and to create your own theme from scratch, be my guest in this course. Become a master of making a Wordpress-powered website look the way you want it!

Is it worth to learn Wordpress development?

I assume you’re already more or less familiar with Wordpress web development, and you know the power which is packed in this technology. Yet, while it’s easy to learn how to build a Wordpress website, going beyond the conventional and making a cool website takes a bit more effort. So, consider hacking the existing themes, and then your possibilities will get limitless.

There are two flavors of Wordpress web development: wordpress.com and wordpress.org. One of the applications is primarily a free plugin platform, which does not allow custom themes to be uploaded. The other one makes itself available for anyone to download and develop for free. Wanna make a guess which one’s which? Yes, wordpress.org is the one that allows customizable themes. We’ll cover both options in this Wordpress tutorial for developers. Knowing how to make the most of Wordpress will enhance your skill set in web development, so you can become more efficient and productive, and also to use more of your imagination!

What can you take away from this course?
  • You’re going to dive deep into Wordpress to quickly develop your unique Wordpress theme. I’ll guide you step-by-step through the process to make sure you remember all the concepts and get the skills that you can apply in practice.
  • Here’s a quick overview of the whole curriculum of this course that’ll provide you with a lot of power after you learn Wordpress development with me:
  • You’ll get a detailed introduction to Wordpress, get the understanding of the Wordpress file structure, and start with creating a simple theme.
  • You’ll learn how to extend your theme by customizing it, understanding Wordpress page templates, creating different parts of a site.
  • You’ll learn to fill out your theme correctly, adding category page, search form template, creating your own custom post types, etc.
  • You’ll realize the adaptability of Wordpress.
  • You’ll work on customizing your entire page from the background, header images, custom logos, to organizing your CSS part. When you have more control, your life with Wordpress will become easier.
  • You’ll practice with making your website mobile-friendly and responsive.
  • You’ll also learn smart ways to create parent/child themes in this Wordpress tutorial for developers.
  • You’ll learn how to ‘train the theme to act according to your wishes.’
  • You’ll develop child themes further, learning to differentiate them, getting comfortable with all the developer tools on the application.
  • You’ll learn quick hacks on styling images with Wordpress.
  • And finally, you’ll get the best advice on how to push your Wordpress site Live.

We’re here to spend 18.5 hours to learn Wordpress on a deep level, so it’s not just a few bites that will leave you uncertain later. This is a detailed and comprehensive tutorial where you’ll learn Wordpress development with confidence.

Learn how to build a Wordpress website the way you want it!

This course is not about uploading content into an existing Wordpress theme. No. the goal of it is to prepare you to take full command of the Wordpress environment and create dynamic websites that look the way you want it. Click on ‘Start Learning Now,’ and let’s learn Wordpress development in no time!

Learn WordPress Development to Create Custom Themes For Yourself and Your Clients!
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