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Learn VBA to benefit from the power of Excel automation

Use this Excel VBA tutorial to learn VBA and understand the meaning of the programming language used in Excel so you can do full automation of Excel tasks
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You will understand the meaning of Excel VBA to do the full automation in Excel tasks
You will get to know VBA automation scope and advantage of learning it
You'll learn basic syntaxes plus recording of macros
You'll work a lot on the use of Variables and their data types
We'll cover the questions you may expect in your job interview

Excel is an almost inexhaustible office tool. If you happen to need to gain the basics of Excel VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and recording macros, look no further, because this course is exactly for you. Learn VBA in a short time and start using your knowledge straight away. I’ll present you with a quick way to understand the meaning of VBA – a programming language for automating Excel tasks fully. 

The best way to learn VBA 

Some of the greatest Excel VBA advantages are these: 

  • With VBA commands, Excel will execute tasks in precisely the same way and much faster than you would otherwise do manually. 
  • It will perform repetitive and routine tasks without errors if your programming is good. The feature working to your advantage is that programming is made with English-like language. 
  • You’ll get your turnaround time reduced significantly. 

So there are practical reasons to learn VBA. In my opinion, starting from the beginning, you should study 2 subjects – variables and how to write/record/edit the macros. That’s my method of organizing this Excel VBA tutorial. As a beginner, you’ll need to start over from scratch. No advanced stuff will be presented here. I’ll take you to live projects and let you see how things get implemented. I recommend you first to watch all the lectures, start writing your code, and when you’re done with the training, start your project. And! Don’t skip any lectures. 

What will you learn in this course? 

This is going to be an intensive Excel VBA tutorial with many items on its agenda to be checked off in order to learn VBA. 

  • We’ll begin with the very basics, clarifying what VBA is and how it is programmed in Excel. 
  • You’ll learn the VBA code or programming language. There’ll be plenty of examples with VBA commands for reference. 
  • You’ll learn to use a macro editor recording tool to start, stop, and edit macros, as well as about the limitations of macro recordings. 
  • We’ll discuss the similarities and differences between VBA and macro recordings. 
  • You’ll be involved in a simple but useful project to get a deeper understanding of the use of macro editor and the power of VBA. 
  • You’ll complete a data compile project with basic VBA commands, discussing the good and bad approach methodologies at the beginner level. 
  • You’ll learn to use the correct and most appropriate range, sheet, and data selection syntaxes. 
  • You’ll extensively cover variables: their definition, types, and use. 
  • You’ll learn about a personal macro workbook in VBA and find out about its advantages over the usual workbook macros. 
  • You’ll learn to use recorded macros in your own projects. 
  • Finally, there will be two assignments for you to complete so that your progress could be clearly seen. 

Choose an instructor with passion

I appreciate that you’re about to enroll in my course to learn VBA. I took much time preparing my courses to make them of great educational value, not just creating courses for the sake of doing what I do best. Teaching is my passion and my hobby. You’ll see it straight away once you join in my course. See you in class!


Learn VBA to benefit from the power of Excel automation
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