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Learn Statistics Basics and Ace the AP Statistics Exam

Statistics online course: learn everything from statistics basics to advanced concepts and succeed in your AP Statistics exam
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Statistics basics and advanced statistics concepts
How to use descriptive statistics to describe patterns and departures from patterns
How to interpret information from graphical, numerical displays and summaries
How to analyse collected data and conduct statistical studies
How to use probability and stimulation to explore random events

Ever wanted to know how the data patterns form and how you can make the most out of them? Or maybe you just want to ace your AP Statistics exam? Started statistics in college and want additional sources to study? No matter which reason makes you motivated, you can stop and learn statistics basics and advanced concepts right here in this statistics online course.

Why learn statistics online?

There can be many reasons why you should take this statistics course. I'm listing just a few of them right here:

  • You might be a high school student who will have to take the AP Statistics exam, and you want to score the highest mark;
  • You might be a college student who has just started introduction to statistics basics, and you want to be ahead of your class;
  • You might be a growing data analyst, and you want to start by learning statistics to grow into your career.

So as you can see, this statistics online course is not limited to only students. You can start this statistics course even if you have already finished your academic years. Still, you have found a batch of data you want to analyze, or there are some random events that you want to calculate the probability for.

Learn statistics online with me

If you want to start this course, there is one primary requirement: to have Algebra basics. If you have that, go right ahead and start learning. Since I've obtained my B.S in Mathematics from the University of Nebraska, M.S. in Statistics from the University of Houston Clear Lake, and I've had several years of practice in the field of statistics, you can be sure that I will explain statistics basics and advanced concepts in such a way that any level student can understand.

In this comprehensive AP statistics course, you can expect to learn statistics easily as I will also use visual aids to illustrate the concepts. This is what we will cover in the statistics course:

  • Statistics basics: what kind of variables can you examine, how can you plot the information, how to use dotplots, boxplots, what is a correlation, regression, how to calculate them;
  • Data sampling: how to distinguish the possible sources of bias and how to experiment with the samples.
  • Patterns and probability: you will learn how you can anticipate various models, assess normality of data and learn about multiple possible distributions of data;
  • Statistical tests: you will learn about statistical inference, hypothesis testing, sampling distribution, discrete and continuous probability models.

This course is not only theoretical but also hands-on: you will get various examples that you can follow yourself and try to analyze the data. This is perfect if you have a lot of data and don't even know where to start.

So get ready to learn statistics basics, and master the statistical capabilities of the graphing calculator by following my illustrated lecture video, possible exam questions with answers. Join my statistics online course today, and be sure to ace your AP Statistics exam!

Learn Statistics Basics and Ace the AP Statistics Exam
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