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Learn Python Online from Scratch: Course for Beginners

Beginner-friendly course on Python basics: start programming in no time!
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All about variables and data types
Working with different operators and the control flow
Using data structures and collections
Hands-on functional programming and OOP
Handling modules and files

Python is a high-level, cross-platform programming language that has a strong resemblance to standard English. Differently than other programming languages, Python is often recommended for beginners as it helps people understand the principles of programming but without the challenges that, for instance, low-level languages bring. This course allows you to learn Python online without a strict schedule. 

In fact, learning online is potentially the best way to learn Python as you will be able to learn the theory and practice on your own terms. For instance, you can watch lectures on your way to work or during a long trip. In this Python course, I will start from the basics, such as installing Python on your computer and choosing a code editor. Then, we will begin looking through the rules and conventions of Python programming. 

Benefits of learning Python

Python is a general-purpose language, meaning that it can be applied for various projects. For instance, you can use it to build a web application, implement data analysis, dip your toes into machine learning, or Internet of Things (IoT). Learn Python online to make a debut in any of these fields. 

Additionally, Python does not follow some of the standard conventions of programming languages. For instance, one of the Python basics indicates that you are not required to end statements with a semicolon. Besides this exception, other syntactic perks make Python less challenging to learn. 

Job opportunities with Python 

Even by choosing to learn Python online, you are making a big step towards a broader spectrum of opportunities in the job market. Python is applicable in a number of different spheres. For instance, you do not even need to be a programmer to benefit from learning Python basics. Many businesses require Python specialists for data analysis. It means that you can analyze large quantities of data and draw conclusions from it. 

What will you find in this course? 

In this Python course, I will be aiming to teach you everything you need to know to start programming in Python. One of the basic features that we will implement will be getting input from users and displaying it on the screen. Then, we will turn to the types of data in Python: strings, numbers, collections, booleans, and binaries. I will introduce you to the meaning and variables and how they are used. In fact, the second section of this course to learn Python online will focus on different techniques for manipulating variables, such as swapping, mixing, and formatting. 

All in all, choosing to learn Python online is a smart decision. You won’t feel restricted to attend classes in person as all of the learning will happen while you are sitting in front of your computer or mobile phone. There is no best way to learn Python: you need to choose the option that suits your lifestyle and programming level. However, practice is the key to learning anything. Make sure that you get plenty of practice with various exercises after this course to keep those skills fresh and ready for more action.

Learn Python Online from Scratch: Course for Beginners
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