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Learn Power BI With The Only Microsoft Power BI Tutorial You’ll Ever Need

Learn Power BI to create visual reports and dashboards, and simplify business data analysis!
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How to visualize business data in Power BI
How to use Power BI to create reports and dashboards
How to edit data in both Power BI and Power Query Editor
How to filter and analyze data in Power BI

Anybody who has ever dipped their toes in the business waters will tell you the amount of data can get overwhelming. It’s only natural you need a helping hand to keep your head cool! Sure, if the business you’re operating consists of a small Etsy shop and you can count your weekly orders on one hand, a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel will suffice.

Nevertheless, you will hopefully grow in time – and you will need more sophisticated business intelligence (BI) tools, too. In this comprehensive tutorial, I will teach you how to use Power BI – one of the best business analysis systems currently on the market. All you will need to learn Power BI from scratch is this course and the software itself – no previous experience or knowledge in the BI department is necessary.

Learn Power BI and visualize data to make it easy to notice and remember!

A human sees a much smaller number of colors than birds do, and the area of our peripheral vision is narrower than most animals. Despite all of that, a person is a surprisingly visual creature: according to MIT neuroscientists, the human brain can process an entire image in less than a quarter of a second.

This is key in the business world of reports and presentations as well. A chart or graph can convey an idea much better than a massive bunch of digits thrown together. In addition to that, it’s easier to understand and memorize: a study conducted at the University of Minnesota shows a presentation that uses visuals is 43 percent more likely to attract and persuade.

As you learn Power BI, you will be able to visualize complex business data without breaking a sweat. You can also combine multiple visualizations in a single interface, making it easy to review and compare data with a single glance. If you choose to enable automatic refreshes, you’ll also be able to always keep up with the latest data and monitor the progress – and in this Microsoft Power BI training course, I’ll show you how!

Choose a Microsoft Power BI tutorial that has it all!

Have we established that you absolutely need to learn Power BI by now? Good. Now, let’s see why this Microsoft Power BI tutorial is better than any other course you might find online!

First of all, you’re getting a whopping twelve hours of video lectures. This means I will cover it all, starting with the basics and moving onto more advanced topics. Not only will you see how to use Power BI for reports and dashboards, but you’ll also find out how to create custom visuals and make your presentations absolutely unique.

Completing Microsoft Power BI training can become a great addition to the toolbelt of any data analyst or business owner. With simple external system integration and support for advanced data services, it can make tracking your data much easier. Take the course to learn Power BI from scratch now and see just how easy BI can become!

Learn Power BI With The Only Microsoft Power BI Tutorial You’ll Ever Need
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