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Learn PHP Online: PHP Basics Explained in an Interactive and Fun Manner

An interactive PHP tutorial for beginners who want to master PHP basics in a non-boring way!
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What the PHP basics and core concepts are
How to write tidy and readable PHP code

If you never tried to learn coding before, we can tell you one thing: there are multiple ways to study every subject, and choosing the right one can make all the difference! PHP basics don't need to be complicated – however, they will seem incomprehensible if you try to learn it from scratch by reading official documentation or reading books aimed at advanced coders.

We created this interactive PHP tutorial with complete beginners in mind: by following informative, fun, and engaging lectures, you will learn PHP in no time without every breaking a sweat!

Why learn PHP?

It is not an accident so many people are interested in learning PHP online. It can be called the backbone of the back-end web development: it's been estimated that around four out of every five popular websites use PHP. According to Glassdoor, a PHP developer can expect to get over $81K a year on average, and the demand for PHP specialists is rather high. It's also common to learn PHP with a goal of freelancing – and who wouldn't like to be their own boss?

PHP basics are easy to master: it is a flexible, dynamically-typed language. Another reason learning PHP online is so simple is a huge user community: you can find thousands of other coders on StackOverflow, GitHub, and various other groups.

Choosing the best PHP online course available

With a huge variety of options to learn PHP, it's your right to be picky. You can want it all: an informative PHP course that isn't boring. A hands-on experience that doesn't intimidate you as a newbie. A storyline, some interactiveness and fun. A price that's affordable but gets you a certificate upon completing your PHP training.

Sounds like a dream? It doesn't have to be.

With the interactive PHP tutorial we have created on BitDegree, you will learn PHP effectively while also having a great time. Each lecture will contain a tiny piece of theory, explaining PHP basics to you step by step. You will also get simple tasks to put your newly gained knowledge to practice and learn PHP as you go!

Choose flexibility – learn online!

Choosing a PHP online course is a much better option than simply registering to an on-campus course. When you enroll in a PHP course offline, you need to adapt to a certain time of lectures (which may not always be convenient to you), waste time travelling to a designated place, and only choose instructors available locally. It's so much different with an interactive tutorial online:

  • You can learn anywhere, anytime!
  • You pay less and get more!
  • You get your PHP training from industry professionals!

The best part is, you don't need to put a pause on your PHP training if you don't want to! There's no need to worry about your instructor's precious time: you are free to complete the whole course in one sitting if you feel engaged – and there is a high chance you will! Start the course now, and see for yourself how simple and fun it can be to learn PHP!

Learn PHP Online: PHP Basics Explained in an Interactive and Fun Manner
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